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bufo before dmt (enhanced experience)

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Bufotenine smoked before dmt changa interestingly enhances the effects of the dmt trance. the bufotenine is smoked and bufo trance and visions enjoyed, wait till the effects of bufo start fading and then proceed to smoke the dmt changa. quite spectacular effects added to dmt changa trance, different visual geometrys and colors, brighter, trance heavier and more gripping in a way, feeling of contact with and teachings by very ancient energys(bufo maybe?), very different feeling than regular dmt changa trance. as if bufo energy is illuminated by the dmt or other way around or both simultaneously...

note: found that bufo smoked at tail end of dmt changa trace NOT enjoyable, uncomfortable experience, not recommended.
This is all I really see any benefit in using bufotenine for.

What I do is smoke the bufotenine with caapi and then wait for the nausea effects to wear off, then I start taking small puffs of changa.

Everything seems a little more real and there's a very immersing 3D quality to the visuals.

Also very centre'd.
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