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Bufo-Changa from Cebil Seeds - positive experiences

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I recently made my first Bufo-Changa batch from Cebil seeds (Jamie style :) toast hard , base with sodium carbonate , pull with IPA (I used Ethanol) and put on pure caapi leaf).

And I must say I was really impessed by it in small and medium doses (just 0,5 to 2 seeds worth, combined with some cannabis)
Here are some points:

- benign Plant teacher vibe (like the Mushroom)
- stress free relaxing and sedative comeup without racing thoughts
- powerfull emotional healing
- just very little negative side effects for the first 2 minutes
- energetic cleansing
- beautifull Visuals
- nice bodyload (yes !!!)
- very nice and danceable afterglow
- massice CEVs and "knocking at the gates os hyperspace" at medium doses , followed by contentfull dream-like sequences ( always with a felt "presence" ).
- flickering visual field at brain wave speed (sometimes i get the same while meditating on acid)
- very shiny visual perception of the wold as it is and the moon and the stars at late sunset. nice tryptamine glow and a sparkle everywhere.

I like bufo-changa !

happy travels

Sometimes it was a little dark , but this faded quick (hey ,its a psycedelic...)
Sometimes the medium doses also came on strong , its best to split the doses in 2 or 3 parts and smoke 2-5 minutes apart.
And music was important.

-please be aware that bufotenin is a vaso- and bronchoconstrictor , dark chockolate , ginko or a little ethanol does help ,but i for myself am not aiming for high bufo doses , i have other stuff for that... -
I'm curious about the bufotenine experience, since so many people have reported different results. Most say that bufotenine is fine and pleasant as long as you don't inject it. Shulgin tried the IV route in tihkal and reported extreme nausea and discomfort.

I feel like we are in need of 5-AcO-DMT to truly tell what bufotenine can do if it gets into the brain.
Hey, great stuff! I'd be interested in hearing more about this if you have taken it further since you made this post.
I suppose availability of these seeds is what prevents it from getting more popular!
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