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BUFO DISASTER! Recovering goodies from spilt acetone?

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Said SWIM. He splilt his bufo acetone! :cry: Awful, all that hard work wasted, and those seeds are not cheap! He feels like such an idiot. It was on the windowsill evaporating down to 100ml as per 69Ron's tek. Two thirds to three quarters was spilt all over SWIM and onto the floor. A little stayed in the glass bottle at least.

His immediate reaction was to throw off his clothes and mop up the acetone from the floor with coffee filters. He knows he can't recover from his clothes.

So now he has some dirty yellow coffee filters complete with other bits of floor debris. Is it safe to recover the bufo from these? The floor is marble or limestone, not sure which, with cement grout joint, all covered with a coat of sealant (SWIM laid the floor himself). It's this sealant he's worried about most... would the acetone have sucked up nasties from it? The floor looks the same all over still- if the sealant had been stripped off then he presumes the stone would look matt as it did when he bought it.

Bathtime for SWIM now. Maybe the goodies will soak through his skin to console him :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
Thanks for the consolation. SWIM was a little worried that the stuff might be able to soak through his skin and give him a nightmare OD, but he's fine.

Is the stuff from the floor safe to use, or should he just consider it lost?
Why not try to purify it anyway ?
It's so hard the get bufo crystals that SWIY will at least learn from the practice.
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