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Bufo Marinus as a source of smokeable 5-HO-DMT? Is this article legit?

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Okay so i know for certain that bufo alvarius has psychedelic tryptamines in it's secretions, My question is though does anyone know about bufo marinus containing Bufotenine? From what little infromation i could find it appears that it does, in combination of a few bufotoxins. Now from this article i found How to Get High With Toad Venom It says that milking the toad then smoking the dried secretions destroys all of the harmful toxins, does anyone know how true this is?

To use bufotoxins as drugs, junkies had to find another method than licking the living amphibians. The toad is "smoked", like hashish or marijuana. The toads' venomous secretions are smoked dry, in order to eliminate toxic chemicals from the venom through the heat.

If anyone can give me an idea of if this is even plausible then i will be extremely thankful 😁 :thumb_up:
I would definitely do more research. That article is a slippery amalgam of half-baked ideas and sloppy writing. Using the term "junkies" alone should raise a red flag, since it is a term usually restricted to opiate dependent folks.

That said, if I recall correctly it is thought that smoking does indeed render some of the more toxic substances in Bufo alvarius secretions harmless. I have personal experience there and it can be done safely. I would assume the same to be true for Bufo marinus, but do more research before you hurt yourself based on my intellectually lazy assumptions. It seems that smoking B. marinus venom was known to occur in some parts of the world back in the '90s, but again: Do. More. Research.

I agree, this article is garbage. They did not cite any sources, which disappointed me because I am curious to read about the case which the article mentioned, in which American police caught "toad traffickers".

If I remember correctly, Bufo marinus venom does contain bufotenine (5-HO-DMT), but I have yet to see any publications which state that it contains 5-MeO-DMT. Though bufotenine likely alters the experience to some degree, I would assume that the psychoactive effects of Bufo alvarius venom are caused primarily by it's 5-MeO-DMT content rather than it's bufotenine content.
Yeah I thought similar after reading the about how us "junkies" get high from toads, Don't think i will follow through though as everything I've read about smoking venom talks about alvarus. Ohwell once i am able to get more Cebil seeds i will do an extract on them, bufotenin is really an amazing tryptamine i can't wait to try DMT in the next couple of weeks :)
If you are really interested in getting an answer to your question about B. marinus venom containing bufotenine, if you have access to some toads perhaps you could submit a sample for chemical analysis. I might be able to facilitate that, so PM me.
Seems Bufo marinus only contains small amounts of bufotenine if at all

Cebil/yopo are cheap, easy to find and ´sustainable´ sources of bufotenine, I don`t see the need to involve the toad in this for some doubtful results.

It has never been found with 5-MeO-DMT either, though Bufo alvarius did. I´m sending a sample to test soon
Yes i assumed as such, sort of abandoned the idea now though i am now looking for a easily cultivated and sustainable 5meo containing plant to experiment with. I have also just received a nice sizeable order of cebil seeds so i will no doubt practice around with a few different extractions to find which one works best for me 8) :thumb_up:
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