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Bufotenine experience?

Migrated topic.


I've vaped yopo seeds before to no avail besides feeling slightly heavy but this was in my younger days knowing nothing about bufo, I just wanted the DMT! Lol how ignorant I was.

Anyway hopefully Fractal Enchantment and some others can help describe a bufo experience.
I've read reports all over but its unclear to me whether the visions are similar to DMT/salvia in that they are fully immersive or are they hallucinations within our plane of existence?
Also is it as emotionally detached as some say?
Appreciate it!
Hi archaic architect,

The very first time i smoked yopo i experienced very mild OEV, they came in the form of objects appearing to breath, no real sickness was felt, however, after smoking the seeds multiple times i began to travel further and effectively feel more and more nausea and pressure upon my chest.

Sometimes reaching a strange dream state, not extremely visual, but rather emotional.

Although on one occasion i ingested around 5 grams of syrian rue tea, I then meditated for approx 30 minutes followed by multiple hits of the yopo until i could take no more.

What followed was slight confusion and non-sequential thought for a short period, behind closed eyes i began to visualise an intense shifting geometric pattern.

During which slight nausea was noticeable but could be cast aside with deep slow breaths, i then noticed a whizzing sound similar to that of sounds while journeying with rue, however, this sound elevated and ascended. After a high pitched "ping" i experienced very ancient art and gestures (moving rather hastily) , that were, at times malevolent but also very exciting. these hallucination seemed to be falling down in front of me.

The presence of another entity within my head was very apparent, also a strange feeling of something poking around in my brain , relieving pressures in one area and applying pressures in others.

After the experience subsided and i began to remember who i was and the nausea had gone, I experienced About 1-2 hours of a loving afterglow similar to the latter part of some ayahuasca journeys.

Altogether rather insightful, there is an impending feeling that you are being taught something.

That might be of no use :) but thats about all i know for now.
Thanks a lot!
I'm just taking a new interest in this compound and any information is appreciated :)
look for Fractal Enchantment's threads in the Bufotenine and 5-MeO-DMT forum.
s/he has posted xtensive trip reports
describing alien landscapes, otherworlds, and ancient aztec symbols.
As you have probably learned while smoking the seeds, bufo is not for the faint of heart or stomach.
I've had some success using 100mg in a joint, as I find the stuff impossible to smoke in a pipe, even when fairly pure. Although the ROA was extremely innefficent in terms of dosage, I did get into the zone.

About 5 minutes after smoking, I felt a strong tingling in the top of the back of my head and rather uncomfortable nausea. These effects subside over the next 5 minutes after which lightning bolt like effects appear in OEV's. Motor skills are still very much functional, though a very gentle sedation occurs.

In CEV's I notice a series of patterns that appear fire-like in movement only much more colourful. After meditating through these CEV's, I notice a series of strange humanoid, although somewhat deformed characters. Almost slightly troll-like in appearence. They remind me of dwarfs you see in fantasy films. I never feel any emotional connection to bufo entitiesz, whereas with DMT, I can be emoted by even simple shapes.

The initial visions move fairly quickly, but after a while they slow down. About 20 minutes in, the humanoid imagery always seems to change to more scifi style images and colours. The initial phase always seems quite red and Orange, whereas the tail end of the trip is mainly manifested in purples and greens.
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