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Bufotenine Extraction Results

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I've finished (sort of) extracting bufotenine from Cebil seeds.

Here are the results:


1. Cebil Seeds 8gr.
2. 95% Ethanol. (IPA replacement)
3. Sodium Carbonate. (washing soda)

Note: There is no way I can get acetone here so I used what I had on hand.


Complexity: Low
Yield: High (~11.7%)
Purity: Low
Prep. Time: Low (2-3 hours + evap time)
Potency: Unknown


1. Break seeds in half

2. Toast them for ~10 minutes (they smell terrible, make sure you have ventilation if that's an issue)

3. Grind them well (Image shows process in the middle, you should get a powder)

4. Add 3-5 grams of sodium carbonate to the powder, small amount of water and mix well. Spread it and let it sit for an hour. It will become almost rock solid.

5. Crash it and let dry (you can toast it again for <5 minutes to fasten the process but be wary, it will stick to the surface of pan or whatever you use).

6. Move it to a jar, add 100 ml ethanol, mix, let it sit for few minutes, pour ethanol in new jar, filter with coffee filter. Repeat 2-3 times with new alcohol.

You'll have 200-300ml ethanol total.

7. Let it evaporate

8. Scrape and weigh

Result and Further Steps

If my calculations are correct and I didn't screw up anything, what we get is black crappy freebase bufotenine. I was going to smoke 5ml of it in the name of bad science but didn't have time, so not sure what will be the effects. I haven't used toxic solvents so it won't kill me I guess :? I'll test it out as soon as I have some free time.

It definitely needs Re-X to finish the extraction with happy end and this is where I need advice/suggestions. I have no clue how to proceed because based on my research I need acetone for purification which I can't get. All I have is vinegar, ethanol and maybe naphtha too.
Maybe a general cleaning step could be done

Dissolve in minimal amount of vinegar and water
Hot Naphtha defat
Base with sodacarb
Ethanol pull
Certainly defat as cebil seeds are extremely fatty. Also having a good filter will help much to remove plant material (e.g. shells) before futher purification.

Bufotenine is soluble in d-limonene, methanol, IPA and some other solvents, see this post.

You can try this tek, just replacing acetone with your other solvent of choice.

The idea is to add citric acid solution to the dissolved plant material. This acid salting step causes bufotenine (and other alkaloids) to crash out of the solvent into polar layer (acidic water).

Maybe washing with secondary solvent (in which bufotenine is not soluble but other impurities are) or washing with sodium carbonate solution or maybe even activated charcoal could help.
Thanks guys, I'll do cleaning as soon as I get naphtha.

Before that I'm going to smoke small amount of that black stuff and update the first post with the results.
Finally I got some time to experiment with the product. I vaped 10, 20 and 30 mgs with one hour interval.

- Body Load
- Dizziness

I didn't get any visuals or pshycadelic effects on any dosage, only body load was increasing. I think reasons for that can be several:

More likely
- Due to the purity issues actual bufotenine content is quite low.

Less likely
- I screwed up in extraction

- Bufo doesn't work. (I read lots of people saying that they don't get any effects from bufo)

I'll purify the product on next free time and recheck my hypothesis.

Any suggestions here? Can there be any other reasons?
Forgot to mention that it produced very small amount of smoke. For comparison 20mg vaped dmt produces approximately 20-30 times more smoke than what I get from vaping 20mg bufo substance.

Is it normal?

Maybe I'm not vaping it correctly? I'm using same device and exactly same technique that I use for dmt.
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