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Bufotenine TEK - Questions to get into it!

Migrated topic.
Why are you going to such generalizations?

I just pointed out that it is not reasonable to ingest what is possibly a poison (to my best knowledge at the moment) by most markers - if you feel poisoned, your heart racing like crazy and the substance sickens you for the rest of the day - maybe that is some deep spiritual cleansing in the process - or - you just poisoned yourself. Until I know better, I will stick with the second possibility as this is more likely to keep me alive and healthy. The former won't.
Mr&Mrs McShulfman, I think you are out of your mind. A few of your posts on this thread make no sense whatsoever. It is incoherent gibberish. Whatever you are smokin… stop.. it aint doin you any good from what I can tell.

You look serious.

Maybe we could tell a bit more about our life and try to understand why the communication looks a bit hard between us.

I start.

Unique son of a single mother, I lived almost all my life carrying deep feelings of pain and anger against myself. Always wanted to escape from what looked to me hell on earth. I can't work for money. I can't adapt to the society. I can't receive order and I can't give some. Even the most tiny and discrete order. Hierarchy is inconceivable to me. Family doesn't seem to mean the same thing for me than for the large majority of people I meet.
I was unable to adapt to what people wanted me to be or to do. So I killed everything in me with patience, going every time deeper into the monstrous faces of myself. I love all my monsters, i've crossed the fire wall that burns everything. I've accepted death and fear to the point of no return. I killed myself by cutting my head cleanly. Every little tentative of education or reasoning fall into a black hole. I've found into myself, through the eternal fall of my own image, the non existence, the great mystery, the one with no name and i can talk to him like i talk to myself or to you. I chose to only follow feelings nothing more.
For that I had and i still have to face madness. Intense dissociation from what is called reality in everyday life. I can't say if I'm dead or alive, good or bad, ugly or beautiful. I can't even say that I exist. I don't know nothing, I live out of time and space.
What you call generalizations is just a story I've dreamed about and that I try to share. It is just theater playing in my mind.
There was a time when people knew how to dream. How to talk only by singing. How to be a baby and an ancestor at the same time. How to talk with the animals and with the wind. That is the only thing that really interest me. I do what I do only so I can dance. I will never come back to reason because from where I am I can see everything...
Sorry for the noise.
All my life I've searched for someone who could understand me. That was useless... If I wanted to be understood no other option than being myself that person for myself. I could not save the world so I saved myself. There was a child following me the whole time I tried to adapt to the society. He never let me alone. Never. I owe him everything, he endured all the worst incoherent gibberish and twisted snakes that flow out of the mouth of the educated people. When I stopped running like crazy after the love and consideration that people could not show me, I turned back and realized that the only craziness was in fact to lie to myself and neglect the innocent child I've always been.
I could throw a call to the people who are reading all our bullshits and ask them if someone understand what I am saying. But I don't really care because everyone understand what he wants understand.
Sorry, eden is calling me.

If you want, read again my incoherent gibberish with less seriousness. Try to see it more like a magical poetry for children. Relax your brain crazy adult. Don't you remember when we used to play together without judging ?
Ah and please tell me what you don't understand so I can explain it in another way. I speek many languages and the fact that you don't understand doesn't means that it is unintelligible.
I write it again, in case that you have not seen it :
"Please if the community does not allow this kind of message simply let me know and I manage to fix the communication issue"
I meant no offense. If you are talking some kind of poetry, that's cool. I can read it that way of I know that you are not off your rocker. Start another thread discussing this language and poetry and I am all ears and will read it as you said, a child.

This thread was not about poetry and whatnot. A clear digression that threw me for a loop. Do your thing. If you ain't losing your mind I am all for expressing yourself.
I know that the thread is not about poetry. I note in my everyday life that the communication roads of life are sometimes very week, with no creativity, no inspiration, no vibration. And so information is twisted by the mind of the person who receives.

If i say that I can communicate telepathically with other beings including trees, plants, animals, planets, gods and devils, that they tell me there stories, it is very clear and comprehensible but maybe you will interpretate it with your own capacities and maybe you will have the sensation of not understand because you do not have the same experience as me. And reciprocally.

Today the majority of adult persons are kind of prisoners of the culture they come from. I don't say their culture is not good, i say culture is nothing un front of feelings. You have the same feelings that the Indian or the Chinese or the African or the native american or the russian, the pygmy, the baby, the old men, the woman, the black, the homeless, the president, the dog, the elephant, the oak, the river, the mountain and the sun.
According to what I've found by thinking about this "problem" pragmatically, feelings is a good way to communicate. And when you start to be receptive to all kind of feelings your nerves become more sensitive and you can start to feel pure vibration. Pure vibration of thinking so you can read the other's thinking's.
Pure vibration of feelings so you can deeply understand who they are.

If I say that feelings and vibration is universaly used to communicate clearly with all life then you can still interpretate but what you feel by reading is truth.

Personally I don't trust a paternalist society that says what is good or not. I've lived without father, this made that no authority can touch me. Authority has tried to teach me things but now it makes me laugh. Nobody can teach me nothing and I can't teach nothing to anyone. If something subjectively good comes from our discussion it is not thanks to the other. There is no honor that comes from it. No one and no institution will receive congratulations for it, at least from my part. The only honor that can be found is accorded by one for himself because he feels something subjectively good in his body.

Paternalist societies think that they have to teach to children "how to".

I don't believe it is necessary.

We have reached a time of independence. From traditions and religions. From dogma. From authority and from the sensation of self.

I believe that the child is dreaming every reality without reason. Sometimes it turns into nightmare, sometimes the dream is so strong that you don't realize that you're dreaming.

If you really allows yourself to ask those questions " where do i come from ?", "who am I ?" You won't find any absolute answer. Maybe you will find one but if you open your mind and your heart you will realize that it is like it is just because you are OK with it. The only absolute thing that exist is the power owned by no one, it is the unmanifested, the unexplainded, the great mystery, YHWH, the tao. You discover it by playing with the boundaries of reality. By allowing yourself being crazy. By breaking every rule, every mechanism of the mind, every sense or reason.

All this is a part of the "why" I talk with poetry. And really.... I do not talk with poetry, the only poetry that can exist lives in the heart of the guy who read. This is what natives call a spirit.

"What if life would have in reality no sense ?
- You could give to it the sense that you want.
- and what if I don't want to give it a sense ?
- you will feel intense migraine for a time"

That is what happened to me.

Concerning poisons they helped me reset my mind and open my heart. Nothing more.
That's up to you. I'm 28. Huge shock with occidental commercial world at 20. The best french private school of communication and advertising basically kicked me out when I was doing my best. I was the best of the promotion and did not understand why ?! They said I was not the type of person they were searching for... A few years later I understood : I was not the best ! I was the beast. :)

A beast in a big city. Big depression.
When they kicked me out I changed my life. Bought a van and start to work seasonal jobs in agriculture and travel with the money. North Africa, Caribbeans, Europe. The perfect life for me but still something wrong...

Tearing blood and fire 5 days a month for 2 years.

I did not trust the occidental medicine could help me.

I went to Peru in search for healing. Body destroyed, all twisted, like the mind but I always had strong dreams.

The first time I've been in Peru I already had a strong background of experiences with almost all substances, drugs and a good number of plants (daily-poly-use)
I started doing plant diets in a traditional way (Lemon tree root, brunfelsia chiricaspi -chiric sanango, brugmansia -toe, tobacco) with various self called "masters". I had to die in the heart of the jungle my mother so I entered by one of the most hard and dangerous way (too long to tell. El pongo de mainike en plena temporada de lluvia, para los que conocen).

Without knowing it I was preparing my death. There are many types of death. The one I chose is the kind that when you come back in your country you do not recognize your own human mother as you are totally out of this dimension. I did it in full consciousness, gave my body to the earth, my soul to the sun and my love to the unknown without fear.
I know that we are only few people to go there and we do it eternally without doubt because it is necessary. The others do not know and there is no need for them to accede this state.

We are real people and we have always been here. We maintain the sky up your heads and the earth down your feet. We do not need to be recognized or loved or appreciated. We have no system, no laws, no technology, no country and no history. We take care of living and dead people, of nature, of animals and plants in great silence without asking for nothing in exchange. Our work is free, we are free.

Bufotenin never gave me nothing, ayahuasca or DMT neither. I talk and play with them.
I have healed a kind of chronic hypoglycemia with vilca seeds on myself. Took two big doses at the right moment to expulse the responsible.
When my wife has headache I take my vilca and it calms down.
We can bring more milk in her breast for our baby if necessary with the help of yopo.
A good friend could not have children, she tried various times. We worked with yopo on her body. She is actually pregnant.
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