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Bufotenine veg oil extraction ?

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I am wondering if anyone has attempted a veg oil extraction on anadenanthera peregrina / colubrina seeds ? I know the 'standard' extraction tech for bufo uses acetone and that it doesn't work using naptha or similar solvents. Just wondering if anyone has done any experiments in this area?

A friend tried a veg oil extract on 50g of anadenanthera peregrina and ended up with a small amount of possibly active material (+/- 1%). However bioassay's using insulfation have been inconclusive at this point.
Did you heat the oil when extracting?

I must stress I know nothing of extracting with vegetable oil, but bufo is damn stubborn in every sense.

I remember in a couple of Ron's posts he stated that he had good luck getting bufotenine to dissolve in boiling xylene or d-limonene but it did not dissolve in the room temperature solvents. I think this was mention'd more because of the ability to use temperature to separate the bufo from impurities but I guess it gives a good idea about how bufotenine may behave in other solvents.

Ott used chloroform if I recall.

***Do not heat solvents with an open flame and wear protective eye-wear/gloves etc.***
Yes very hot oil was used. it is the same veg oil tech used to extract dmt from root bark with success. It definitely pulled something, though still not sure what.

An assay with harmala freebase to potentiate the extract will be tried next. So far only less than 50mg have been insufflated at a time, producing no strong visual effects, only mild alterations of headspace (which could possibly be placebo).
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