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bufotenine voices

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greetings again. I was very grateful to read this morning that I was granted membership.

DMT is something I have yet to really know. I´ve had maybe two or three experiences smoking DMT extract I made years ago, experience I smoked while on mushrooms, but I always stayed in that visual rollercoaster like stage of the experience, never truly breaking through into DMT space. I have had a few powerful ayahuasca experiences that did offer much more than what I saw with smoked DMT, but nevertheless I dont consider myself to be very experienced with DMT. Now a few months ago I was preocupied with this quest for DMT, that is looking for a local DMT source. Here in La Paz there is a brujos market where they sell ayahausca, as in caapi vine, powdered or whole, they sell san pedro cuttings, dry star slices, and even powdered... and then they also sell anandenanthera colubrina seeds which they call huilca. I asked about chacruna, and I threw other names at them as well but they don´t sell it. So now I am keeping my ears open for a contact in the jungles of Bolivia.

well I eventually put that on hold because I am now way deep in the untapped potential of Huilca(spelling in spanish, in aymara it would be Wilka). There´s an auditory element that is very much like the psilocybin sounds, sort of that electronic energy that buzzes and flies whizzing through your body with tingling in the extremities , and it does so of its own will, so long as you surrender to it. I think After much trial and error I have made an extract for smoking that works perfectly for me. last night I officially tripped for the first time with this perfect extract. why perfect? ZERO side effects and a powerful tryptamine visionary experience that lasted a few hours. well I also cheated this time because I took san pedro first which surely altered it a bit. last night I first drank a san pedro tea quarter after 9pm and later a bit past 1am I prepared myself to smoke the extract I had prepared earlier this week. loaded a bowl with weed and extract and smoked it in three hits, holding each one at least 10 seconds or more. Zero side effects! whats weird is the extract gave me almost no immediate effects at all. like I was smoking just weed. the thing is I think my extract is different than just freebase bufotenin. I smoked some of my extract earlier this week when it was at the stage of just being freebased with sodium carbonate, and the effects were| much more rapid with some nousea. But this was different, though it must´ve also lasted longer because of the san pedro.

I prepared my wilka this way:
toast peeled seeds(300-350F),, grind and boil with water 3 times, combine extracts and boil away the water and later evaporate in a petri dish in the oven. I basified with sodium carbonate when there was some 30-50ml left, then I evaporate all the water. Once completely dry I grind the extract and toasted again at 350F. At this point I tested the extract- some initial nousea, especially when smoked too rapidly, rapid effects but not too profound. Then I extracted with Isopropyl alcohol, and evaporated the alcohol. Here is where I use lejía, the alkali substance used to chew coca leaves, in la paz I heard its made of quinoa ashes, but I really don´t know. It´s a weaker base than sodcarb I think but its definatley different and I suspect it reacts with bufotenin distinctly because the times I´ve incorporated the lejía into my extract, the trip becomes way trippier and cleaner. anyway I completely dissolved the extract in a small amount of water and added a small amount of ground lejía, mixed it thoroughly and frequently as the water slowly evaporated over several hours. When it was like a paste I kneaded it together into a small plump disc then let it dry completely the next day or two. And that´s it!

This Wilka came up in waves. It tooks some time start but when it did it followed a certain pattern, appearing first in a sort of flash, very very sudden, out of nowhere it seemed, and it completely dominated my senses for about 2 seconds like a bright white lighting bolt that surged in my entire body, visuauditor and tactilely, and its like a blast off into a tryptamine trance, very psychedelic , it had psilocybin like sound effects, the kind you feel move through and around your body getting intensely loud as it gets near your head or your ears, it feel like sensory nerves saturated with tryptamine voices. It followed that pattern of appearing suddenly and very intensely, then dancing with me for a bit before stabilizing and fading a bit until another one appears. It repeated many times and in other forms as well, like eventually the flash instead of just light of pure energy, was a person or a loud sudden voice, and then the trance as well develops with clear images and sounds of people and places. For example I remember at some point seeing the door of a bus in daylight open and in there see someone I never met but knew was a female friend of one of my profesors, as if it was a dream with loads of detail, as in a completely distinct and original face.

I think the san pedro stimulated and potentiated the sensorial aspect of wilka while maybe reducing the dream immersion a little. It most likely also extended the trip. I dont remember at what time I smoked wilka most likely around 1, but when I felt that wilka was begining to diminish, I saw that it was 3am, and the effects did continue for at least the next hour, with similar flashes and tryptamine trances

I felt heard and saw many interesting things, sequences of effects of that sort, and many times after coming out of trance I would tell myself how I have to remember this I have to remember this this is reaally goood!! But like many psychedelics, surely DMT as well, remembering the details is difficult sometimes. Do you have any suggestions for this? or how do you remember details from your trips? I thought of maybe a mini audio recorder I speak into after coming out of a trance, the problem is those type of things are distracting and pull you out of that state.

anyway thanks for reading and welcoming me to the nexus. I hope to learn much and look forward to sharing the things I learn as well.
I would be interested in weather or not you experience nausea and constriction with your extract on later occasions without the San Pedro to boost it. Smoking bufotenine while on other psychedelics really boosts the bufotenine and you can get away with lower doses and less side effects. Have you gotten full effects with just the extract alone?

I have done nearly the same tek as you a few times, except I have used both sodium carb and calcium hydroxide as a base..I stopped doing water pulls though becasue I didnt find it made a difference. I just toast the seeds, grind them up, base with sodium carb or lime and pull with iso, then evap it..either that or I extract bufotenine fumerates and then convert them to freebase.

Your extract should produce alot of nausea and some pain in the body for most who use it. Everyone is different though so maybe it effects you differently. I have broken through with the extract many times, and you are right bufotenine is very auditory when in silence and can very extremely visual..almost unbelievable in how visual the stuff can get..there is nothing quite like it visually when you get a high dose of it. At those doses though I usually experience a great deal of pain and nausea at the onset, though it doesnt happen every time. I dont know what that is..maybe 5-10% of the time I barely get any side effects while the rest of the time I get real sick. I do know that it helps to have an empty stomache becasue the constriction in the stomach can be very sickening if you have just eaten.

Bufotenine goes really really well with caapi brews if you smoke it at the peak..and full ayahuasca brews with admixture can get rediculous with a hit of bufotenine..I would bring a bucket though if you do that..ginger helps with the onset nausea and constriction with bufotenine I find.

Welcome to the nexus!
I smoked the extract last night with two other friends, and we all felt nousea after the first hit, but it lasted about a minute and didnt come back in any of the later hits(about 6 each), and noone considered it a lot of nousea or painful. We all tripped nicely but it wasnt a strong enough to dose to produce the same effects as the last time when I boosted it with san pedro.

We were in darkness but had some meditative eletronic music, I didnt have auditory effects, but the music was good at making me feel like I was floating, sort of drifting over soft currents with tones of changing light. I remember at one point everything became completely white, like I was in a bright lit empty room. It had that effect of taking me to a place where I sometimes forgot that I smoked bufotenine, one of my friends said the same thing as I was thinking it.

bufotenine extracts were always a hit or miss for me as far as nousea and pain. I'm thinking its just a matter of proper toasting and freebaseing. Part of it is also not smoking too much too fast. Since Ive been doing that Ive never gotten really sick. The last time I got real sick was when I sniffed a line of ground seeds, mixed with a base but hardly toasted, which was horrible.

I'm going to try what you said about directly extracting the based seeds with iso, but do you know if ethyl alcohol is just as good as iso? I ask because I can only find 75% iso , and its more expensive than the 96% ethanol.
75% iso should be fine..I have no idea about ethyl..iso here is like 3 bucks for a bottle at the grocery store, but I here it is more expensive and hard to get in other countries.
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