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buy5meodmt.com is FAKE..as we all probably guessed

Migrated topic.
Veeeery interesting. By the way, I'm sure you can tell, I've just registered so I'm "new" but I've been lurking for ages. I think this is the same forum... wasn't there a bot haven once?:)

Any recommended virola resin sources? I've seen it in a few places, thought about buying from deva. (is this kind of talk even allowed here?:O) *to the ruule book!!*

What the hell are PC World doing buying drugs and then having lab tests done on them??!
I have a source in Canada for 5-meo as well as other RCs for those interested. PM me... I dunno If I can post links.
Swim ordered some a few months back.... i have his name and number, should swim pay him a visit on behalf of the meanest elves? :)
I have a bag of 50g of supposedly virola resin sitting beside me now, from deva - I just went ahead. Has anyone else had experience with this vendor? I'm not sure how I should take this stuff, so I'm reading all the threads I could find on it:) any extra help is welcome=)
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