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C*caine warning

Migrated topic.


Everything you want is on the other side of Fear
So last week a friend of me who is a lot older then me told me he would love to try spice. I do not usually do that but he did Ayahausca for 30+ times so I figured he was ready. We ate some dinner together and waited a few hours while talking and listening to some Psybient music. I prepared the GVG, 30 mg's. I cleansed the room with some sage, blessed the spice with some palo santo and smudged him with some copal. I dimmed the lights, turned the music down to a subtle comfortable volume and handed over the pipe and the lighter. He took a few good breaths and started hitting it, he didn't even inhaled all of it and kept his eyes open looking a bit confused. It looked like he was just blankly staring and he lifted the pipe over his head. I took the pipe over from him and then he started to grab randomly in the air just before he started to gag and vomit while peeing in his pants..

After he came back on earth he was really relaxed and asked me if he was struggling a little? I confirmed and then he discovered he peed his pants so he took a shower and grabbed some clean clothes. He was really impressed and told me that it felt like he exorcised a lot of negative energy. After a week he called me about having really weird parallel synchronicities and people acting really strange on the streets, feeling like he was on the border of reality and a little bit out of it. I went over to his house with a charged crystal to ground him and took him to a forest close by and let him talk. I told him that I hear these symptoms more often in my Drug Eduction / Harm Reduction work but mostly if there were 3 ingredients: a stimulant, skipping a night sleep & a psychedelic. And then he told me: 'oh f*ck man that must be it, I should have told you and lied about it but when I came to your house that night I was on cocaine already since the night before that'. I told him to take the stone with him and focus on his daily routine staying off drugs for a while, it will heal automatically, your mind works like that, next day he was back to normal.

He was really acting normal and doing his best in hiding it from me so it was a tough one. I should have been more careful and do feel responsible. I do not get the impression any of you Nexians are irresponsible like this but I wanted to share this anyway as illustration of the dangers of using it irresponsibly. Even the people close to us can have secrets and working with this powerful substances is a big responsibility.

Dont be so hard on yourself. You thought he was ready due to being highly experienced with aya, and he lied to you by his own admission, and he was acting normal. Thanks for posting, I don't think anyone here is above making mistakes.

It's an interesting correlation to what seems a pretty reliable outcome, that of a persisting state of mental imbalance due to the circumstances you outlined: stimulant use and missing sleep cycles prior to use. The persistent after-effects of vaped FB DMT are pretty well know, usually positive but can be very disorienting. I guess a guaranteed recipe for a good mind&**# is another good reason not to mess with this stuff.
I have stopped saying "it's awesome" to anyone who asks. It finally came in handy just yesterday. A woman told me she wanted to heal from Aya, she knew I went to a ceremony. I've known her for 30ish years. So I called her, in the middle she thought I was her cousin and started swearing at my mother. I had never known she suffered from delusions.

My thoughts went from "we will find you a place to do Aya" to "I need to make sure someone who cares about her is there and we get her back on her medications".

I thought everyone had their collective crud together, so I used to share my dark meme about this stuff. I now keep it to myself, until I know someone is ready and really ready.

Taking a family member who quit drinking (after he left his wife and 3 kids) to an Aya ceremony. We started with 1/2 g Mushroom trips. He is ready.

Don't blame yourself, especially if lied too. Many of us have bigger hearts because of what we have learned. You seem to be one of us who has a really "sturdy" head on your shoulders and glad people like you are around.

Love brother.. you are doing the right things.
Trivial question but what kind of lighter do you use?

I would have never known that DMT alone would have this effect. I know that stimulants+longer lasting psychedelics cause this. So I really thank you for sharing valuable information with us.

I think there's more to this story than just cocaine..
Infectedstyle said:
Trivial question but what kind of lighter do you use?

I would have never known that DMT alone would have this effect. I know that stimulants+longer lasting psychedelics cause this. So I really thank you for sharing valuable information with us.

I think there's more to this story than just cocaine..

Just a regular bic lighter.

And it is not DMT alone causing this, I've been smoking it respectfully for years and never experienced anything like this, just like most of us here. But in my drugrelated harm reduction work I hear a lot of people running in to these problems but could just have been amphetamine + skipping a night + mushrooms or even mdma + skipping a night + LSD. There's something about these 3 ingredients of a stimulant, skipping a night and a psychedelic that seem to be responsible for pushing it over the edge in people who are vulnerable. It's not the case 80% of the people who do this run into this problems but it is the case that 80% of the people having this problems were guilty of this triangle.

GuruD said:
don't see why you needed to censor the word "cocaine" in your topic title.

It is a statement/joke
Oh I was curious because I have had problems with using Bic lighter and every Torch lighter I buy online or in Smartshops end up being wack.

And forgive me for being a bit idiosyncratic (first time i used this word) about this but the reason I said this and these are highly personal revelations I do not delude myself that this is news to anyone but myself

Having had some experience with running into mental issues after having used mostly lsd and all phenethylamines. Namely 2cb, 2ce, mescaline. Those have all managed to push me over some edge. Some of the time during sleep deprivation and stimulants use. Mushrooms used to give me some anxiety but never in the way that lsd/phens did. On the other hand when used in combination with weed it's eerily similar while weed alone puts me in a negative headspace by itself. So as you can see I am quite a examinee when it comes to this kind of stuff. I really say this not to show you how bad drugs affect me but I have to have some credit to say what I am about to say.

What I think is going on now is some energy that has effectively escaped entrance into the brain's sensory perception but has been bugging the organ systems for a while. That is maintained and regulated by sleep. Eventually finds its way to the brain either by intense sleep deprivation or psychedelic leverage. And when it does so it begins to manifest itself seemingly into the external perception. What you get is a severe distortion of reality but in metareality useful information presents itself. I've not regretted the psychosis I seen and the change in perception that occurs/facillated by psychedelics persists and demands a change in attitude to be able to cope with the feelings that accompany it.

I've read about a similar case recently about someone using yopo , having used it dozens of time but suddenly having a mental hiccup. Which was preceeded by a headache. In my experience using Mescaline on a sober morning using only 300mg resulted in pain in stomach which eventually 'clicked' and initiated a shamanic purge. Experienced synchronic symptons and mainly a lot of stress. And released in my body some slime in the upper back area. So this is why I do not think it's just the drug.

i think i will end my post here as I am starting to drift.. I just really wanted to get this off my chest.

ps: (And some people simply do not have these lament negative energies or have more readily available coping mechanisms)
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