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Caapi Copy

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My friend has some Caapi Copy he plans to try out for his first pharma experience when he eventually gets around to a mimosa extraction.

The info on it is kinda spread over a few topics here and there. he just wants to clarify, and hope this thread will be helpful to others:

200mg swallowed in OJ is a usual good dose? (for my first time chased with 25mg DMT FB)

how effective is Caapi Copy taken on it's own?

What other administration methods both on it's own and with other substances have people found to be good??

thanks guys.
Mix it all together in one go: Caapi Copy DMT and OJ.

You will feel 200mg of Caapi copy by itself, but it won't be visionary at that dose. Most likely you will feel uplifted and slightly fuzzy in the brain.
amor_fati said:
Caapi copy is a vendor-specific product. I'm not sure if the mods will mind or not, but you may want to continue this over here: Welcome to the DMT-Nexus

The information you seek is likely contained in that thread, as well.

there's not really a lot in that thread. there just seems to be a few bits of scattered info around various threads. it is vendor specific and most people just use vine or extract their own haramala's i guess. probably that's why there isn't so much info compared to say, THH.
Observant said:
THH is same vendor specific :lol:

What I meant was that there is more info on thh as people aren't extracting that themselves, but they can the other harmala's.
My point was thh - lot's of info. Cc not so.
breakMYhead said:
What I meant was that there is more info on thh as people aren't extracting that themselves, but they can the other harmala's.
My point was thh - lot's of info. Cc not so.

Caapi Copy is basically a B.Caapi extract, so it has a combination of all three Harmalas in a certain ratio.
I think they actually make a mix of their 3 isolated Harmalas, rather then it being an true full Caapi extraction.
Although I'm not totally sure about that.

I've made my own using the isolated harmalas & it was indistinguishable from the CC I've bought from them.
I don't think you save any money combining them yourself, but I prefer to use a bit more THH than there seems to be in FV's Caapi Copy.
Just makes it a little bit more euphoric & "friendly"...even during the rougher times.

Here's the ratios I usually use (although I've been putting a bit more THH in lately):
95mg harmine
85mg tetrahydroharmine
10mg harmaline

Then I mix that in warm water with 75-120mg DMT fumarate.
And chase it with some Lime-aid (...Mmmmm, Lime-aid), or Orange juice.
(I've also taken the Harmalas alone, 10-15 minutes before taking the DMT, but I prefer to just take them together.)

From my own experiences & those of a few close friends who I've drank this with, the only real difference is that this is a bit cleaner feeling...not as dark, or physically heavy (hard to explain).
We have yet to ever get the backdoor-Aya-runs:x from this Pharmahuasca, although we do still get the purge, at least from the above mentioned mix.

It's pretty much exactly like an average-to-strong dose of brewed Ayahuasca...usually including the purging.
I suppose you could cut back the Harmaline and/or Harmine to ease off the nausea a bit...but that really is a pretty essential put of the experience!
(you can also just use any one of the individual Harmalas by them self, to get variations of the additive effects of the Harmalas. Like S.Rue tea is mainly Harmaline, so it is different from Caapi tea, which has very little Harmaline & is mainly Harmine & THH.)

Caapi Copy is premade, with a mixture very close to the ratio I mentioned above, minus the DMT-Fumarate of couse.
The effects are indistinguishable.

Hope that helps!
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