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Caapi/harmalas unifying right/left hemisphere

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Just thought about something just now about caapi.

Some years ago after taking ayahuasca, I was watching a music video. Now, this music video I had seen many many times before. But there was something new with it. I saw other aspects of the video that I never thought about before, but it just fit in so well with the song and what it was about. It was clear as day to me. After coming down, I could not see this part of the video anymore. Never been able to later either.

It was a music video by Juanes called Volverte a ver. On ayahuasca, I could see him moving inside a picture, it was clear as day to me. He was a part of it. Later on in the video, he actually melted into a picture. Before taking ayahuasca and watching it, I never truly got that part. Now it was laughably obvious. In plain sight.

I have mostly thought that this was just a part of the dmt experience and never really given too much thought that it came from the caapi.

But lately, I have started increasing the dose of caapi when drinking ayahuasca. And when watching music videos, they again come alive, more and more so as I am increasing the dose of caapi. I am not yet at the point were this beautiful synergy comes to its full force like it did years ago, but planning on getting there soon.

I also know someone on the net that plays gigs. He uses caapi to increase his musical acuity and playing ability.

For me, it increases both musical and visual acuity. Not just by seeing more, but seeing wholes. Complete pictures, meaning etc.

May it be that caapi at higher doses unifies the two halves of the brain? Could this be why many knowledgeable people doing ayahuasca says that caapi is the guide? Perhaps at higher doses it actually helps bring together all the information that comes through with the DMT?

Thoughts please :)
Thats a good question... I sort of remember that when Winkelman proposed the term 'psychointegrators' for these plants, he mentioned that one of the reasons was that they do synchronize the different brain hemispheres, but I dont remember if I ever read a specific study about this.

it does make sense that one starts seeing the 'wholes and meanings', well said
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