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caapi & khat

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I would not mix any of the beta-keto amphetamines with harmala alkaloids...I still think that's asking for a hypertensive crisis...

Seconded, even with RIMAs amphetamines are very dangerous potentially lethal combinations. Cathinone the main ingredient in khat is a naturally occurring form of amphetamine so give it a pass.

If I may ask, why would you even consider such a combination? Caapi is rarely used on its own for its psychoactive effects and I'm not so sure it enhances any form of psychoactive drugs besides tryptamines. It might synergize with some that it hasn't got an dangerous interaction with, but that's about it.
Off topic:

BTW, Caapi and/or harmala alkaloids are used on their own quite often and for many different reasons, from traditional to modern day usage:

Vine Only - Ayahuasca without DMT

On topic:

I must agree that it is better to be safe than sorry. Mixing those two could potentially be asking for trouble so why would you want to take the risk?
Looking into this a little, Dale Pendell in Pharmako/Gnosis states:

Small quantities of khat, Catha edulis, along with harmel, are not at all unpleasant.
Although he starts that same paragraph:

Some of these combinations are dangerous, particularly combining harmel (or any other MAOI) with amphetamines or amphetamine-like compounds. The sympathomimetic effects of such compounds, with their usual metabolic degradation inhibited, could be unpleasant or life-threatening.
so there's every reason to be cautious.
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