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Cactus Chemistry By Species is available in PDF

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Once again thank you very much Trout, this is really appreciated!

One thing though, am I the only one who`s had some trouble downloading the files? At some point it just stops downloading...

But I do have a bad internet connection so problem could be on my end.
Thanks all.

If there are any downloading issues keep letting me know and I'll figure them out. Or I'll find another way to get a copy of the file to you.
I've heard that the file appears to stop downloading for some people but continues to do so anyway and downloads successfully. It might also be that you had tried to download a copy when I was replacing one with a newer version?
Please try again if you have not succeeded or if overly frustrated just drop me an email.
Its a big file so can take a while. A bad internet connection may be the culprit, especially for Cactus Chemistry By Species as its ~250 Mb now.
If there is any problem it can no doubt be fixed or we can find a way for it to be worked around.
Anyone who has this document should delete and replace it as the website I used to use is now owned by a malware distributor using the links in my PDFs in an attempt to give malware to my readers if they attempt to follow links to LArgely Accurate Information Media.
The new files are at my website troutsnotes.com but also are at DropBox to permit viewing prior to downloading.

Cactus Chemistry By Species Light (illustration-free for easier use during research)

Cactus Chemistry By Species (Intensely illustrated.)

People having problems with the larger one of these may have been having problems due to it being 250mb. I got the size down significantly so hopefully that can resolve those problems for people with slower connections (like me).
Thanks, Trout. Your notes make a great reference to me.

And thanks for the light version, the illustrated ones are hard to scroll even on my workstation PC 😁
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