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Cactus cuttings infected with fungus. Can they be saved?


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I have a lot of cactus cuttings that I had stored in a garden bag for 10 days. They have grown mold on them and the ends have a strong, orange tinge on them. There are also black spots with liquid oozing out.

I have removed them from the bag and stored them openly to aerate. Are they still usable for CIELO? My concern is the presence of mycotoxins in the final product.

(Last image are the ones that are safe from the infection. They were stored separately.)


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Ironic, somewhat, is that I should get reminded of this thread by @SkunK's reaction today - just yesterday I discovered that one of my Echinopsis lageniformis (T. bridgesii) specimens has come down with the same (or at least a very similar-looking) mystery fungus as discussed by @GnosisOfAllogenes in his thread from a few years ago:

A silver lining to this, I guess, is that I get to test out my natural treatments for this problem, which I'll discuss in that thread. One of the causes of the problem appears to have been excessive humidity (probably relative humidity) coupled with lack of ventilation and maybe insufficient light, since the affected part of the cactus was next to a wall in partial shade, and the worst affected areas go up as far as exactly the height of the shortest neighbouring cactus.
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