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Cactus Meat Feast

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Hi , so im hoping to do my second bridgesii experience soon.
Last time i made tea with water and vinegar . It was terrible, far worse than i imagined , and my friend took it a lot worse than i did.
So , this time i think im going to despine , peel the outer most layer of skin off, and eat it. I just thought this would be easier in terms of preparation, and the most efficient seeings as im assured i wont lose any alkaloids.

Will it take me much longer to come up? How bad is it , compared to tea? And any rough idea on length i should eat?I was planning on 30cm

Any other tips whatsoever are also welcome

Thanx once again for your knowledge
Yeah sorry, good point , the experience was mind blowing. I expect the next to be too.

the act of consumption was terrible, will consuming it be as bad with raw flesh ,or better?
The first time I tried cactus, I despined and peeled off the waxy layer then chopped it and put it in the blender with plenty of water. This was from a 2foot section and yielded 12 full glasses of fibrous green foam.
It was bad but not as bad as reconstituted cactus powder. My friend puked a little. We drank over the course of an hour and a half. Feeling pretty good by the two hour mark. Fractaldelic laugh fest by the 4 hour mark...
I haven't tried just eating the raw flesh. I don't think that I'd like chewing it though.
ok . . .maybe ill try this, it wont change the taste, and i wont have to chew.

So u had two feet and split it between you and a friend. so its one foot each and that did well ? ok cool.

Thank u. I still wanna hear from someone whose actually eaten there way through a whole phallus of bitter cactus.
tea is much better than eating it in my experience..god I will take the tea any day over a stomach of cactus flesh..maybe skip the vinegar and use orange juice instead...or even lemon..and reduce each dose down to a small shot. The tea is easier on the stomach than just whole flesh. Whole cactus flesh will give me crazy stomach aches..its probly healing in the end, but so is the tea.
And whats your view, or that facts even, on loss/damage of the bouquet of other alkaloids through the heat?
I'm trying to avoid as much processing as i can
Instead of plain vinegar you may use apple cider vinegar, that's what I add to my shroom teas and it actually taste GOOD :)
Flesh works fine fresh or dried, and doesn't have a noticeable delay in its action ime. If you want to know what it tastes like, why don't you just eat some? The stomach is an amazing extraction device, but the waste products have to pass through many meters of intestines, or back out the way they came :(.
nobody could pay me enough to eat raw cactus again - worst consumption method by far - main reason to eat cactus is for miff taste and minimal fx
so u think the effects are less phlux?
I think i'll be going with the smoothie method mentioned above
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