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Cactus prep - Freeze, microwave, squeeze, drink

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I have a quick and easy way to prepare fresh cactus. I used about two feet of skinny bridgesii. I cut it up into one inch pieces and then froze them overnight in a glass tray. Next morning, I stuck them in the microwave for twelve minutes. I poured the juice from the bottom of the tray into a cup. Next I took the steaming hot pieces and used a handheld lemon squeezer to get the goods out. I squeezed each piece flat. I got about half a cup of juice and then poured it through a funnel with a cotton ball to collect small spines and snot.

To drink it, I first gargle some Pepsi, spit it out, and then chug the cactus juice. Then gargle again with Pepsi. The carbonation numbs the mouth and the Pepsi coats it with sugar. The cactus juice was painless.

I believe the freezing and microwaving breaks the cells and allows for maximum cactus juice to escape. You can save the flesh and do a ten minute pressure cook with minimal water if you want better extraction efficiency. I don't find it necessary though, the trips are strong. Best part is the ease and quickness. I don't puke this way either, like I do with purified HCL or acetate.
Interesting method of preparation! I have never heard of doing it like that but it seems to work great for you. How much liquid were you left with to drink? I am currently looking for new preparation methods for Bridgesii, Pachanoi and other Trichocereus cacti after my last attempt to consume cactus. I merely blended cactus slices (despined and core removed) with some lemon juice, this resulted in a frothy bitter drink that was very difficult to get down, I failed to finish the entire pitcher but I got most of it. It worked but I wouldn’t advise that method, yours seems much easier to stomach.

Also I have found that Gatorade (lime flavor) is very good for “chasing” cactus preparations, doesn’t have the carbonation effect like Pepsi but it seems to limit the taste of cactus for a few minutes.
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