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Caffeine and St. Pedro...the journey begins

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The morning spoke to me..."the tea has settled enough!" it announced with the most beautiful sunrise and breeze. I listened in awe...then decanted, rinsed and drank of the magical brew yet again. My reduction to 8oz. seemed like a mistake, this brew looks quite ominous. My taste buds scream in AGONY, this is FOUL! My pup looks at my coffee, she insists...so I chase it with the creamy nectar. Stomach seems settled now...water helped...Small bite of bread, 4oz. to go, but we settle into the experience for now. I must hold the spirit in.

Today we journey inside. Time to have a face to face with this identity I call "myself". 18" pachanoi, blended, acidified, and Crock-Potted for 24 hours--then rinsed and reduced. Many discussions and prayers were had. We know what we must do now...upon my return, I'll leave my notes for your amusement.

Love the detailed description of actual ingestion, tea is a very “engaging” medicine. I will be looking forward to seeing any colorful descriptions of the purge( if there was one ) and also the more pleasant aspects of your journey when you return. 😊
I captured the spirit...I write this, for my ego, as a reminder that I have not died...yet!

I got a little scared there in the middle, needed to write that I think. My Ego at least needed to know "he" was still intact. Caffeine took us down a different road...we met St. Pedro's alter Ego today. Nothing like my previous experience.

Setting was home, slightly cloudy but absolutely perfect. In a great mood... nothing was scheduled. The universe led me here today...I'm sure of that.

I dissolved a few times today, into the music, into the breath, into the meditation, into the depth of silence (so tranquil once I let go), into the void. Pure energy. Pure love. No Ego...no body. Unreal place in this universe...I believe I know how to get back there, through meditation. My previous roadblocks fully annihilated today!!!

I'm coming down...absolutely mind blowing sunset today. Spoke openly with a few retirees...their hearts still sing beautiful songs, behind raspy voices, saggy skin, and tired eyes. The birds put on a concert for us this evening. It was magical. Better than any symphony I've ever attended or listened to. I feel opened up like a rose in bloom...

My Lesson today was clear, lean into your fears Boy O', BE WITH IT/THEM completely. THEY will illuminate your path. Apparently, I still have some things to do, in sync with THE "Creator".

That is all...much love guys and gals.
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