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Can Anyone ID This Seedling?

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Grey Fox

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Is this a DMT containing Acacia? This seedling volunteered itself next to my Jasmine bush. The tiny seedlings are Mesquite. But what is that taller, skinnier plant?
I'll re-post the photos here. Sorry, they're not the best. This seedling actually didnt make it. I think the cottontail rabbits got to it.

But I see seedlings like this sprouting in my yard now and then. There must be a tree of this species growing nearby somewhere. It looks like an acacia to me. Any guesses?
There is an app called "picturethis". It will tell you exactly what you have in any instance. You just upload the pic into the app and it will give you like 3 different possibilities in order of likliness. I know it didn't survive, but future questions will be much easier to answer. :)
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