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Can I brew B. Caapi & Chacruna together?

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Hi everyone! SWIM just ordered 56g of yellow b. caapi and 112gr of dried chacruna leaves. SWIM has seen recipes on some sites that say to cook them in different pots. But he saw the peru shamans mix them together when they cook them but of course they have a much bigger batch than him. He thinks Doing it separately seems like a pain in the ass( SWIM has 1 stainless steel pot) but he don't wanna ruin the batch. What do you guys think? Anyone have any experience cooking them both in the same pot?
You could brew them together, but i would recommend you pre-dose some Harmalas/Rue/Caapi say maybe 10 to 20 minutes or so before consuming the Aya all in one tea, to ensure proper gut MAO-A inhibition and proper oral activation of the DMT, otherwise Aya all in one teas can be quite variable and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't work, which is very common apparently over in South America. Whereas if you pre-dose some Harmalas and inhibit gut MAO-A before consuming the DMT, the DMT will be fully orally active even from the get go, makes things more consistent.
You absolutely can, but what Shamenstamen said is true in my experience. Ingesting the harmalas 20-30 minutes before does seem more effective.

The other nice thing about cooking them separately is that you can experiment with different ratios more. Try a good dose of just caapi. Then a good dose of caapi with just a little chacruna. If it's still not taking you where you want to go, drink a little more chacruna the next time. When you brew together, you cannot try out different ratios.

I don't think it really does anything, but I put just a tiny bit of caapi in the chacruna pot and just a tiny bit of chacruna in the caapi pot. So they're by their buddies :twisted:

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We try not to spoon feed people here with relatively simple questions.

Spent <5 minutes searching via googul & through the search on this site under the ayahuasca section, these thread have good information littered throughout:

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### Of course it's awesome if people here leave you with a thorough answer, but it'll only help you more in the end if you at least spend some time reading and actively searching.

Hope it all works out for you <3


Btw, I've always done the two 20-30 minutes apart. Also have gotten it to work as one brew. The inverse was also the case for both these methods, so things can vary. It can be tough to pin down, but once you dial things in to a degree then you'll be good. Often it can be trial and error.
I've never brewed them together.

Brewing together is not the most efficient way as the leaf gives up its goodies more readily than the wood. Also the ratio you have may be heavy on the leaf side and if you brew them together you'll be stuck with that ratio until you brew up more vine.

In the Amazon where these plants grow, efficiency is not such a virtue, because the raw plant material is cheap, it doesn't have to travel, and they often brew over an open fire and not on gas or electric stoves.
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