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can i use kerosene oil as solvent?

Migrated topic.
Sure you could. I doubt it evaps very clean and you won't be able to freeze precipitate.

If you can get them white mineral spirits are cheap, and (I could be very wrong here) I believe they are mainly made of hexane. Similar to heptane (bestine) in that is pulls spice and very little else. Also good for recrystalization.
Pure kerosene should be fine. However, if it is composed as wikipedia states (i.e. containing C12-C15 hydrocarbons) it is going to be a pretty poor solvent for spice.

As such, theory would predict that

1) more pulls would be required

2) warm kerosine pulls would work much much better and

3) it would be able to freeze-precipitate it.

But nothing as good as knowledge from practical experience; SWIY could do a warm kerosene first pull, freeze precipitate it and report back!
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