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Can Syrian Rue / harmala hcl make you hungry?

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Sicho Naut

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Hi all,

I have lately been experimenting with low doses of both ground Syrian Rue and harmala HCL without DMT. I usually take a capsule of 0,5g SR during a meal; with the harmala I am still building up. The effects so far have been very nice-- Significant mood boost, subtle body relaxation, increased motivation and capacity for work.

But one thing that I have been noticing is some gastro-internal sensations that I usually interpret as hunger, which arise at times when I would not expect to be hungry (like an hour after lunch or so). I find this strange, as I imagine that eating on aya is nobody's favorite activity and I also don't feel hungry during an ayahuasca experience.

I don't see this as much of a problem (although I hope I am not confusing gastro-internal sensations for hunger while they signify something else), but I am curious: Does anyone experience this with SR or harmala?

Thanks ahead!
i find it is like a wave kinda depends how long after i take a rue dose my hunger goes up and down. i could draw a accurate graph of it. usually after the ingestion of rue, i feel its best not to eat and try not to make a tea or something thats easy on the stomach or youre going to throw up.
The bitterness of rue stimulates gastrointestinal juice secretions and bowel movements. This does not equate to hunger, I'd say it's your subjective interpretation.
You can get hungry on harmala. Doesn't mean the harmala is causing it. It could happen simultaneously, unrelatedly! It just might alter the experience of that hunger, might make it less urgent or something.
Noticed it as well.

It feels like it boosts digestion somewhat, but not directly cause hunger like cannabis for example.

It feels like a hunger pang that you would get on a Caffeine crash, or when in a calorie deficit.

Might be the usual onset of hunger like it would happen naturally, it is certainly not an apettite reducer IME.
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