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Can you use a reagent on plant material for quantative amounts?

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Can a crude water extract that was dried be used as a quantitative visual measure of alkaloid content in a plant? The reactive time or color or something? I don't know how they work so maybe I'm completely off.

Example. Marquis reagent placed on a 5 gram sample of water extract of cactus vs another same sized sample with the same process... The one that reacts quicker or brighter color has more mescaline content?
Wolfnippletip said:

Thanks yea I remember that thread but it was a bit more involved and required TLC work for the spot comparison. I was wondering if an even more crude method using the 'whole' extract would react rather than a mini extraction and TLC spot. TLC paper is outrageously expensive here in Brasil for some reason and importing now means 100% import tax.
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