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Cannabis Cultivation For New Growers

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I am Really getting into Cannabis Cultivation and there is not to much about here i am new to the Cannabis Cultivation seen but with trail and error i have a method that works with an easy mixture all u need a good soil and few fertilizers and can be cheaply done for the newest of growers like my self this Topic/thread is just let i know there is more to come in this filed i am going to up load pics of my plants to day and also work some other cool Cannabis » Cultivation TEKS/TIPS soil mixes and much more just give me a few days to get all the pics up and soil to fertilizers RATIO it will grow really fast well and fast pic soon..

I am hoping to contribute a lot more into this area of the forum

Share fertilizers mix recipes/ soil mix recipes


All the love

P.S pics will be up soon just need new micro SD card for pictorial on the meshed works for new growers and get good yields.

Also i will get into super cropping and cloning your females.

Take care all much love Looking Forward to showing and helping you from making the same mistakes i did
Here is a little update my browser crashed so have to reupload everything here is a few pictures will update soon with more pics.




I'm really excited for my first grow and will be working a lot more in this area
Hope to get some better pictures uploaded soon.

As i do have two different strains you really can't see the pistols too well in this picture more to come.

:love: :love:
Here is an update of progress u can see the pistols alot more ive also moved theam out doors because I do not have good lights indoors grows way to slow since the move its like the plats are on steroids.

I used some cheap tomato grow lights from walmart
it was going to slow of flowering for vegetation it was fine
it was from seed of unknow strain but did come from hi grade bud got lucky
and found the seed the plants are now outside and thriving.

Nice man, seems to be loving it outside.
I grew 2 plants from seed-flower under CFLs but my yield did suffer.
Keep it up man :thumb_up:
You going to try LST it?
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