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Cannot see myself living in Australia in the future....

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So I been talking around, and decided Kava would be good to have before I take DMT, or just any psychedelics in general. But as I found, yet another retarded law has been forced on its people! This is the Email I got back from the people I ordered my Kava:

I dislike bing th bearer of bad news
but I'm going to suggest that I refund this purchase
because I will tell you right up front that in my experience
this item will be CONFISCATED by Australian Customs...

Maybe I am wrong and you have a Kava Kava import license
then please provide me with that number to be included witthe customs

Now if you are thinking that you want me to try to ship it to
you anyway, just to see if it will get through (I know it won't)
there will be no chace of getting a refund later
when you do not receive the goods...

I thought you should know this already but information on the
legal staus of Kava Kava in Australia please visit the following
URL: http://www.erowid.org/plants/kava/kava_law.shtml

just about the very best source of kava info visit it's
Wikipedia page: Kava - Wikipedia
if you scrll down you will find this photo:
of a sign showing a "Kava license area" at Yirrkala
in the Northern Territory of Australia..

If I don't receive a reply from you
by this time tomorrow, I will issue the refund...

Regards...D ;-)~

So I went for a fast search for information to obtain an Import license. To my horror, there is no real way to get kava for myself, this is why:

If you are aged 18 years or more you can bring into Australia up to 2 kg of
the root or dried form of kava in your accompanied baggage when entering the
country. Under any other circumstances importation of kava without a permit
issued by the Office of Chemical Safety is an offence under the Customs Act
1901 and subject to prosecution.
Consistent with existing regulations set out in the Customs (Prohibited
Imports) Regulations 1956, the importation of kava will only be permitted
for medical and/or scientific purposes

Kava is not illegal in Australia. It just cannot be imported without the reason to use it for medical and/or scientific purposes. So is there some type of loop here, that maybe some University students, or my Doctor could order some kava? I am sick and tired of some of the Australian laws! I cannot see myself living in Australia in the future... Really is a joke!

Any help on my Kava problem would be great.
thats rough... and its ignorant its bizarre but ive heard kava being more of a "drug" of abuse in oz... i cant beleive it personally... its such a benign plant.
when i read of things like this i always get a knee jerk reaction to encourage people to get politically active when it comes to protecting their cognitive liberties.
be a psychoactivist!
if you dont protect your rites to alter consciousness who will!
I knew I seen this before! Looks like I am going to be lucky.

Although. I have read how some people say that some Kava product don't live up to there expectations! I hope this Product dose live up to Kavas Reputation on really reducing Anxiety. I will be very disappointed! Usually, Australia only lets in "weaker" versions of the original product.
I have read tid bits of that. I will be sure to! Still learning of good things to use BEFORE taking DMT to lower any Anxiety. I will be sure to really look into Syrian Rue then.

Just briefly looked into Syrian Rue. Is it allowed into Australia at all? I found that I can buy the PLANT of it on allrareherbs.com.au

Another ignorant cookie cutter regulation from the good 'ol days of witch burning and brown pants. 1956.
We can buy enough 190 proof alcohol at the local groggery to stun a whale, but a harmless little herb, no way.
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