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Can't seem to breakthrough or have any real effects

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I have been trying to breakthrough for the first time using my arizer extreme q for the past few weekends now. I don't have a balloon for it, so I've been trying to use the whip. I've tried temperatures ranging from 170-210C. I put a bottom layer on freshly grinded weed at the very bottom.I sprinkle around 30mg onto the weed and then place another small layer of weed on top.

I taste the plastic when I inhale. I hold it in as long as possible. I take between 3-6 hits. The first time I felt some sort of energy/comfort around me, but that was about it. I closed my eyes and saw nothing. I was still in my body. The first night I tried it twice, about an hour apart. I did trip on acid the night before and took a xanax, so I thought that might be the reason I had no effects.

Last weekend I tried 30mg again but at 185C. Still nothing. About half an hour ago I tried 30 mg once more, tasted the plastic, got a lot of vapor. Sadly no effects. I know it must be in how I am vaping it. Those of you who have an arizer eq, what is the best procedure for blastoff?

I have read here that the GVG is one of the favorites. Should I be thinking about investing in one of those in order to breakthrough?
It's because you are using the whip. I don't think it's possible to get enough vapor quickly enough using the whip attachment.

I've been able to get good effects with the arizer extreme q using the bag attachment and vaping the material off a very thin layer of mullein or other inert herbs (just enough herb to cover the screen then spice on top without sandwiching so I can see it melt). Temperature set at around 135 c and filling the bag all the way full, then inhaling as much as physically possible, holding it as long possible, and repeating till I either clear the bag or fall out of consciousness, whichever comes first.

I get the best results in the arizer if I use enhanced leaf (spice infused into the herbal material beforehand). Changa works as well, but the harmalas don't vaporize very well, so the majority of them get left behind.

A GVG is a great tool and generally works better than electric vape for this purpose, but I suspect if you just pick up the bag attachment for yor arizer and give it go that way, you'll find wut yor looking for.

Note the suggestion to use inert herbs in place of cannabis. Many people report cannabis can keep you grounded in the experience and can prevent full ego dissolution. Of course YMMV, do wut's right for you.
I have a similar machine, and have successfully used it with a whip. But I am concerned if you are tasting plastic, that is usually associated with burning it for me. Also with weed in there you have competing vapors.

My best results are setting the temp to 170C (this is far too low for your herbs), and using a metal oil pad rather than leaf (as leaf is not very conductive) - I bought a few different pads until I got some that fit.

Then after it reaches temperature give it 30 secs or so until you can see the vapor seeping out of the mouthpiece - then its ready.

It takes a while to start producing it thick enough for a breakthrough even then. Usually its the second pull that is the thick one and will get you there. I usually load between 30mg and 40mg and I am sure it is not very efficient, but you need that much to ensure you can get enough in one go. This is where a bag makes the difference, because although the early stuff is weak, the really thick stuff evens it out. Still always a 2 pull job from a bag too.

For making my breakthroughs consistently certain:

1. Full deep breath and hold them for 20.
2. Lay back and really relax, as if going to sleep (with a bag/whip you can do this before even the first pull - I once had a breakthrough where I held on to the tube, and I felt another part of me take a 3rd pull whilst I was in hyperspace - it did not prolong it, but did shift the tempo!)
3. close eyes, and/or use a blindfold.
4. Exhale that last one and let go.

GVG or equivalent sounds to be more effective and more efficient - but I love the lack of messing about before launch, no flames, no hot device, no bright flame light, no worries.
I think any modifications you make will be minuscule by comparison to your abstaining from Xanax. I'm very surprised no one has stated that obvious fact yet, but benzos like Xanax are often used to "abort" a trip.
Any neuro-receptor will be more active in the absence of other neuro-receptors. That means if you just did LSD or Xanax recently, wait until it is sufficiently out of your system.
My girlfriend who suffers from anxiety and prescribed xanax, could not figure out why a heavy dose of DMT had little to no effect. She had been on it for a long time, so it took a long time to fully clear her system, but after she stopped taking her clinically prescribed medications, DMT and several other psychedelics became infinitely more active.
Yes your whip isn't ideal, maybe your method needs adjustment, but I think your real problem was the Xanax and LSD.
Once the benzos are gone, try again with no recent psychoactive experiences.
If you are vaping, the best method of integration is by far Changa. I smoke a couple bowls of caapi first, then vape my enhanced leaf with a pinch of weed in my Arizer.
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