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Anyone have any experience with e.catuaba? Know anything about Native patterns of use?

SWIM has tried teas a few times, it's mildly stimulating in a nice relaxed way. It opens up blood vessels so apparently it's an aphrodisiac too. It's in the same family as coca, but has different alkaloids. SWIM's max dose was a tea made by simmering 5g for 15 minutes... effects were mild and pleasant. He will be making a tea with 10g later today.

Apparently if taken daily the effects are cumulative and you end up stimulated and horny as hell ( entheogen.com )

What concerns me are the potential effects once you stop using it after a period of daily use.
Would your blood vessels contract and cause numbness, impotence etc? As I've heard one person complains of in the link I posted, although this could have been related to previousdaily yohimbe use.
Or, conversely, would a month or so of opening up your blood vessels 'rejuvinate' them, and permanently restore some of the circlatory vitality of youth?

No-one seems to know how far one can push the dosage either... I was wondering if one could extract the active ingredients, for use as an anti-anxiety thing for social situations? Other uses could be for promoting philosophical thought through altered state, or social bonding, or aphrodisiac.
SWIM was pondering on if a MHRB tek would work for e.catuaba too...
when I was teenager, I remember going camping and friends getting drunk with catuaba alcoholic beverage.. It was some very cheap alcohol with funny taste, and the predominant effect was definitely from the alcohol.. Its funny how its marketed as some sort of afrodisiac with very funny sexual labels, but Im not sure if in the concentration found in the commonly sold version in Dreamland, people feel the effects from catuaba itself.

I have no idea about safety and the real benefits from it, but if you find any link in secret language that might have some good info, tell me and Ill translate for you.. and if I find anything more about it Ill post here
It works great for me.

I make it into a tea along with muria purama. I always add a squirt of lemon.

Usually though I take it straight. 1/2 teaspoon of catuba, 1 teaspoon of the muria. Toss and wash. I take it 2x daily. I don't know about aphrodisiac effects, as I'm always full of love *ahem*, but both my wife and I can vouch 100% for the amount of, umm, stiffness, that results. Who needs viagra when we've got herbals at 1/100th the cost that are effective enough. Maybe not as fast acting as viagra, but take that mix daily and there is just no need to take anything else.

I don't know about catuba, as my wife hasn't tried that yet, but the muria purama does seem to increase her libido after a few days of taking it. 1 week on, 1 week off. Interestingly enough, it's the week off that my wife has the best results from.
Opening up blood vessels could also make it a nootropic, if its bringing more blood to your brain (like ginkgo does)... it does feel healthy to me.
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