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Cebil seeds and nausea.

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Earth Child
I am interested in smoking Cebil seeds, as I have read many interesting posts from 69ron and others. I hate nausea, and have a fairly week stomach.

If i toasted the cebil seeds, and then ingested 3 datura seeds before i smoked the cebil, will I still get sick? Will this method still give me effects, or do I absolutely need to make an extraction of sorts. If so, by expierience, what is the best temp to toast them at? And the best vendor to buy them from? (I usually use ebay, buy I am skeptical about buying such variating seeds from an unknown seller)

Much thanks,

and buy the way, in case anyone was wondering, vaporizing Syrian rue was very dissapointing, I will post my experience in the vault very soon.
Hey swim didnt have much success with smoking the seeds, had a lot of nausea and not much effects and it was a lot of smoke to be inhaling, so he gave up. He failed the extraction twice and thougt they werent worth the time, he may try the extraction again though. He didnt fancy the snuff but he was very surprised when he ate 6 the other night, had a mild trip, with some nausea but will try more datura seeds and ginger tomorrow night. Check this thread out. Swim posted his experience there. Micro Doses of A. Colubrina Seeds - DMT Allies extraction - Welcome to the DMT-Nexus
candied ginger is delicious. Also, for Datura, does it matter what strain of datura they are? Do they need to be jimsonweed strain? Please correct me if I am getting this mixed up.
It matters. Jimson weed (Datura stramonium) is the most effective because its the highest in hyoscyamine which is a stimulant that's very effective in controlling the nausea caused by psychedelics. Many other daturas (like Datura inoxia) have a lot of scopolamine. Scopolamine is a sedative and better for controlling motion sickness than the nausea caused by psychedelics.

Also hyoscyamine seems more effective at boosting the effects of other psychedelics. At least that’s been SWIM’s experience. Maybe others have had the opposite experience.
Hmmmm sounds good, I am not so afraid of the nausea now. I think I will try to make a crude LSH extract first, using the pepermint tea method. Has anyone tried this with success? I make LSA a lot, but i never heard of LSH untill I found this site.
Iv tryed to make LSH twice, once with an overcomplicated meathod from another site, and once using peppermint tea, neither of these gave me effects too similar to LSD so i guess the conversion failed and it was still LSA. Im deffinately going to try this again though, i like LSAs effects anyway, and if theres a chance to improve it with little effort then you may aswell. Next time i will try with fresh peppermint leaves, should be more effective.
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