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So I've tried cebil snuff once before and was greatly underwhelmed, so tonight I decided to try cebil again. I prepared the snuff by toasting nine seeds grinding and blending with 1-2 parts calcium carbonate, moistened and allowed it to dry.
Note I intended to insufflate the dose but 9 seeds was too much material.

20:30 I sniff as much of the snuff as I can and dump the rest under my tongue(2.5-3 seeds worth). within a minute I begin to feel the effects, an intense dysphoria, headache, nausea.

20:35 I vomit profusely for a minute straight with plenty of dry heaving to last me several lifetimes.
After this episode I felt much better. I went to lay down in a dark room.

20:40 Fully tripping now, as I lay there I see myself being flung through a tear in the universe, once through I was greeted to my surprise not hyperspace but the Amazon, I saw men around a fire drinking what I assume was ayahuasca, as I was staring into the fire it began to take the shape of a pure white featureless woman with white wings that expanded forever to become the world, I reached my hands out and felt her take them, as soon as my skin came into contact with this entity a brilliant and pure energy shot from my hands through my body and brought on a euphoria so profound that I began to cry tears of pure joy she somehow told me something, something I'm sure I've been searching for but the only thing I can remember is something about going to Peru which I find interesting as I've rarely even given Peru a thought. After this she vanished leaving me in darkness with colorless but very distinct fractals and some faintly colored spiraling designs. After some time I feel a pair of hands shove me and I fell and then I was back.

21:25 I'm back

I'm not sure what I learned on this trip to be honest, it was an amazing experience but while remembering the visions and feelings vividly I can't recall any of the more specific and ultimately more important details. I know most people seem to dislike yopo or disregard bufotenin as not being a psychedelic, and in the low doses most people seem to take it very well may not be sufficient but in in this experience with 9 seeds of A. colubrina I found it to be an incredibly powerful psychedelic. What are your opinions on yopo/vilca/cebil, your experiences?
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