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Don't believe I've posted a topic yet so here goes ;) I haven't used DMT yet but I have some experience with DXM and was wondering what is considered an OEV. in a relatively dark room there is not much difference in light levels between open and closed eyes so I would say I haven't had a true OEV experience despite having visions with my eyes open. even though they are sometimes superimposed on objects or things appear distorted. what do you think.
Please stay away from DXM. Bad Karma. Over 1000 people were killed in 2000 by a person called Wingnut selling that stuff across the USA. PLEASE I BEG YOU TO STAY AWAY bows head down low...spinning away into the Light...I Love you, Please.
Why would you buy from anywhere but a pharmacy? You have to know what your putting into your body and some random guy doesn't seem like a good source to me. I think I'll be staying away anyway. learned all I think I can from it ;)
ehh dxm isnt that bad as long as you know your source and your dose (got mine from an rc vendor way back when) dxm is actually a wonderful stage for dmt trips. after you have peaked, you are very detached. being this detached makes what dmt does to you, easier to take. it detaches you the rest of the way, but this is much easier as your close allready. some of my best experiences on dmt have been after peaking on dxm. to answer your question. open eyed visuals are visuals that you can see w/ your eyes open. from different drugs they have a differing effect. dxm doesnt have much oev quality at all, at most it distorts things. lsd tends to have distortion based oevs but in a different way. the object you look at tends to change somewhat. walls can seem to breath, the grass can turn into a mosaic of different pictures, you can see jesus in the bubbles at the carwash as it goes down the windshield. shrooms tend to offer varying visuals depending the dose, but ive had some really believable oevs on shrooms at higher doses. mescaline gets neat because it starts to overlay a template of visuals over everything you see. like isntead of the chair getting distorted into something else, you see a pattern layed onto the chair.. that continues across the wall, and the ceiling... the pattern may change, but it is the pattern changing and not distortion of the object. dmt gets neatest. if you open your eyes up during peak of a dmt trip, it is a very confusing and disorienting thing. that is because all of a sudden you have two input feeds going into your brain at once. it definitely isnt distortion of the real objects, it is essentially like everything you were seeing w/ your eyes closed.. or aspects of it at least, is now placed int he real world. except.. your eyes still see what they look like normally, so your brain has to put the two together... oftentimes they overlap and it makes it hard to take. on smaller doses of dmt the oevs can be really cool.. very psychedelic. my wife describes it as similar to yellow submarine like animation, i see lots more color to everything, softer rounder edges.. and sometimes some cool things (like cloud entities). the last trip i took on spice, i looked at my cup of water right before closing my eyes after taking a second hit, and it was glowing like it was electrified and neon... but it was just a glass of plain ole ice water. realistically tho.. w/ dmt in particular... cevs are where its at.
well dont feel bad anus.. your not the only one who feels that way. ive been told dxm is a drug of 1/3's. 1/3 love it and will do it again. 1/3 hate it and will never do it again. and 1/3 didnt like it enough to pursue it, but if it were easily obtained might do it again. its not the best of drugs... but i ts a great platform to launch a dmt trip off of.
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