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Chalipona problems

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New growth moon ot looking so good and cant tell if this is pest problem or not


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Don't treat with systemic poisons hey, you don't want that in your sacred plant... just scrape em off with your fingers and then use concoctions of chilli spray and the like. There's plenty of recipes online.
(Why is this in the mushrooms subforum?)

Applying isopropanol to the little blighters with a cotton bud may help.

Also, spelling Chaliponga correctly may help other people who are searching for information.

Good luck!
Those look like chacruna, Psychotria viridis or perhaps P. alba, not chaliponga which is usually thought to be Diplopterys cabrerana.

And yes they have scale. Rub them off with your fingers and then a stiff spray of water. Do this every other day or so for a bit and they'll be gone. The other suggestions above will work too but this way doesn't cost anything.
I found chilli spray effective. No amount of rubbing off and washing ever really helped as they get down in crevices where my big sausage fingers can't get at without breaking the leaves off.
There's likely many different types of scale around the world though, nature being the crafty thing it is.
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