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Chaliponga ala' Coschi

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Below is a photo sent by the Antarctican of two chaliponga extractions. The one on right is from an A/B with defat with the solvent evaporated. The one on the left is from a Noman style STB with the solvent given the Coschi treatment and the resulting extraction freeze precipitated. Freeze precipitating the A/B was tried, BTW, and nothing would come together after a week at -20. [img:5d3ce8f225]http://img524.imageshack.us/img524/826/dsc0006wl1.jpg[/img:5d3ce8f225] Cheers Coschi!
Nice work Was the initial weight of the plant material the same? And was the final yeild approximately the same or was one sample higher yeilding than the other. Im very interested in the yeild of opposing methods. How do you rate the acid wash of the solvent and then back to base Coschi style?
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