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chaliponga, help

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SMIM has been a lover of the sacred brew for a while now and is now looking to broaden his experiences with the spice.

he has about 50g of chali lying around and has been looking up different teks and learning alot, now he is wondering if a marsofold tek would work with the chali, some minor mods made though.

he was thinking he would half all the materials in the first place (as 50g is alot different than a half pound of bark)

he was thinking of putting the leaves in a blender with half the suggested amount of water/vinnegar for the first part, blend that for a while then put that slosh into the crockpot, then go on the tek from there.

SWIM was wondering if this would work, also,
is the crockpot part neccisary or could the solution just be left to sit for a few days? or would the blending mix it up well enough for it to be fine after a day of sitting?

your answers/ comments are greatly appreciated
Yeah I agree, Mars' tek will work if you defat, but Coschi's tek is the way to go for Kaliponga.

That, or this tek: NONTOXIC LIMONENE TEK - Advanced/Enhanced chemistry - Welcome to the DMT-Nexus

Swim recently used it on Psychotria viridis, with most excellent results. This is preferable to any other tek, if you're going for oral consumption, since there's no chance of NAOH or petrochem residue making its way into your final product.

Instead of gelcapping the extract like the tek recommends, these daze Swim has been redissolving the goo in a small amount of everclear, thus making a tincture. This can then be added in measured amounts to your brew, which can then be boiled so that the ETOH evaporates, leaving behind a very potent magick.

Swim gets MUCH better results from this than from traditional brewing. He got about 9 doses worth from half a pound of P.v., which with his traditional brewing tek, would have only been enough for probly two doses.
Oh and to answer your question about heating, it seems necessary IMO to ensure maximum efficiency. If you wanna see for yourself, do room temp pulls over a few days' time until they don't yield any more, then do another pull with heat added and see if you get more. Let us know how it turns out.
wow, thanks
and SyZyGyPSy, I will be sure to inform swim of that for future reference.

now swim is an impatient, cheap bastard, if he was to not defat (on account of rumored yeild loss) could he just follow the basic mars tek and if not happy with the precipitate just do the second a/b wash and defat? or would the fats and oils prevent the spice from precipitating out properly?
I suggest you go with Noman's or Coschi's 😉
Coschi's will give you good white spice, and in your case (ie: using oily, chlorophilly, fatty leaf) if you use Noman's tek i suspect your product will remain quite dirty. That's why I say try Noman's, i'm finding the fats to be a key influence into the experience; just not the same without it
i'm finding the fats to be a key influence into the experience; just not the same without it

Agreed, this is the same conclusion I'm coming to myself.

Our western paradigm is obsessed with alkaloids as being the only active constituents of plants. How retarded! So many ethnobotanists send so many ethnomedicinal plants back home for analysis, only for them to be discarded as having no medicinal value beyond "placebo" simply because they tested negative for alkaloid content.

Our very own Mary Jane doesn't even have any alkaloids! Her magick is all oils (and sex oils, at that!). Imagine an ethnobotanist sending some cannabis in for analysis, and the pharma corp saying "don't send us this bullshit, there's no alkaloids in here... this plant is obviously not active!" Hah! :roll:
well, all would be going well for swim but he ran into a slight problem

lye is nowhere to be found!

he tried walmart (they thought it was a drink), safeway, rona, micheals and canadian tire but no NaOh in sight.
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