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Changa/Enhanced Leaves smoking methods?

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Hi guys! I decided I would come here and ask you a question that I will need the answer to within the end of next week 😁

What is your preferred method of smoking Changa/DMT Enhanced Leaves?

I've heard it's possible to even just make a blend of Mint leaves, DMT and just roll it up as a cigarette. Is that even possible?

Furthermore, what kind of bong do you recommend?

Thank you so much for your answers! :love: 😁
My favorite method is with a 10-12in standard water bong. IME/IMO, I would stay away from smoking DMT in joints for safety reasons. Others may disagree, but there is a chance you could burn yourself or set something on fire when smoking a DMT joint of any sort. If it hits you hard you may unexpectedly blast into a new dimension and when that happens you will likely drop the joint and whatever it lands on will burn. If you have a sober sitter than this is not an issue. Anyway, Safety first! :d

I would also read through the "stickied" threads in the changa section (linked below) as there are many in-depth threads pertaining to changa blends and how to smoke it. For me it will always be "changa in the Bonga!"

Changa Subforum

5" glass pipe is fine, longer is better. I tend to break bubblers and Bongs, but they are fun if u have an assistant!
Gravity Bong each and every time! 😁 :d 😉 ;) :thumb_up:

Gravity Bongs are magical creatures which can be used to give an entire dose of changa in one hit. No need for multiple tokes, as in a normal bong. Just one hit and count backwards from thirty in your mind while holding it in. Exhale once you lose the ability to count, let alone just what in the fractalline multicolored tryptamine rush of a lifetime. That little $8 contraption sitting in my shed has given me some of the strongest and strangest breakthroughs of my lifetimes.
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