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changa mint

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This is perhaps useless to the community but I decided to share it with others nonetheless

My meerkat despite having overwhelming Ayahuasca experiences has never had a decent smoked spice experience. Sure some distortion of reality a little CEVs, but mostly extreme uneasiness on the lungs which basically ruined his attempts from the beginning. Once he even had a mild-severe asthma attack! Not nice by any means.

With a measurable amount of beautiful white spice what should he do? Finally he bit the bullet and decided to make some changa. As mint was supposedly easy on the lugs he wanted to use it but could only find it fresh. then he had a fortunate idea: why not use mint tea as a basis for spice? with the contents of a little tea bag he infused the same weight of spice on ethanol 96% (available in supermarkets in his part of the world!). After several hours the herb was dried and spice was nowhere to be seen. The mint despite having the same volume was much heavier. Success, it seemed!

My meerkat just called me saying that he had smoked 50 mg of the Godly admixture and it was incredibly soft on the lungs, like inhaling vapours from a freezer. He used a 10 cm dry bong by the way. But the best part were the results. Even with a minuscule amount of spice, this meerkat was catapulted to outer space, caressed by tiny little creatures in wheezing fractal landscapes. He was very, very happy!
my favorite changa to date: caapi, lavender, peppermint and spice! soothing, healing, refreshing and....ILLUMINATING! ;)

give your meerkat a pet on the head from me :lol:

SWIM likes bufotenine soaked mint. VERY NICE:) Mint is one of SWIM's favorite herbs for this use. He loves the cooling effects of the mint.
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