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Changa on LSD trip , easy breakthrough?

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Okay so I'm about to try mixing changa (1:1 ) on the peak of an 320 ug lsd trip. I know there are tales of others trying this but i just wondered if this really will allow me to finally breakthrough and what i should expect? or even just past experiences with this mix

I have no experience breaking through but I have smoked DMT countless times during LSD trips- it's amazing and quite different (for me at least) to DMT on its own. It's my favorite way to experience DMT. Even if you don't break through it will probably knock your socks off.

Regarding changa and LSD: I don't know if MAOI's with LSD affect everyone the same, but for me, a small amount of harmala extract (15mg sublingual) will intensify my LSD trip 2 or 3 times. That's not an exaggeration. Proceed with caution.

I'm curious to hear how your experience goes.
Really you shouldn't need anything else or be on anything else to breakthrough, you are still going to need to vape/smoke the same amount. It's all down to technique.

Personally I do find it easier to vape my DMT on LSD, as you can see in my signature my last breakthrough was during a LSD trip. I found it easier because I am very experienced with LSD and really comfortable with it, I am also quite experienced with DMT. However experienced I am with DMT, I can't get past the nervousness of going in to a trip - sweaty hands, heart beating fast, ect. So already being in a different state helps me go in to the trip a lot easier, but it doesn't allow me to reach the breakthrough point - it just helps with going in to the trip and synergises well with DMT.

I do think you should try and perfect your technique first and get to know DMT before mixing the two. Even small amounts of DMT with LSD can be extremely intense and completely different from any kind of tripping you have done before.

Also I have not done it with changa as such, but in the LSD trip report in my signature I did sublingually take some harmine (during my second vaped experience during the trip) and it again was totally different from any other experience, really deep and intense, it led me to think 'had I even truly broken through before'.
Thanks for the reply, I'm thinking maybe just do changa near the end of my lsd trip , i will write a report once I've done it
I imagine smoking it at the peak being a very intense experience.

I've smoked DMT about half an hour after eating a blotter. I wasn't feeling the LSD at that stage - but the spice definitely kicked it into action. It was nice to slowly return to slight trippy effects (technically being only 1 hour into the LSD trip), process what had just happened, and then feel the LSD slowly pick up into the night.

Be prepared for an afterglow of enhanced visuals after you return to earth. You'll probably feel very clear headed and ready to relax + enjoy the rest of your trip.

Interested to hear your report!
Post LSD (1 drop liquid) peak: 15mg 1:1 changa in GVG. It wasn't a breakthrough in the sense that I still had my eyes open and was watching in wonder as the world changed around me, but it was a breakthrough to many other worlds... or time slices of this world.

This is one of the only times I've ever done eyes open on dmt. No pre-flight jitters. Being in the tryptamine space allows me to add more without much anxiety, but I still use caution and approach the event with respect and even reverence. I know that I'm about to experience something special.

I was sitting in my room which is furnished in late 90's Ikea and lesser. I manage to get all of the spice to vaporize in one go. I hold my breath until my body forces me to breathe it out. I hear a buzzing whine and feel what seem to be many lower harmonics set up by the carrier interacting with and resonating through the physical objects around me. I also see the disturbance these waves are causing in the air and in my field of vision. There are horizontal lines in the air, like vertical hold on an old OTA tube TV set. Or is it horizontal hold? Something is happening, and as the room is interrupted by these waves that remind me of malfunctioning televisions of my youth, as they waver, threaten to break up and then stabilize, I see that the room has changed. From 90's to 80's decor. Everything from the furniture to the books on the shelves and the posters on the wall change period. Then to the 70's and the carpet grows out like grass into a luxurious shag carpet and turns the unmistakable burnt orange that can only be from the early 70's consumer color pallet. The poster on the wall is replaced by a hanging macrame object that is moving in and out of impossible dimensions.
Then to the 60's. Incense fills the air and my solid bedroom door is replaced by a curtain of beads. I sort of hear music, even though there is none playing. I can sense the sound of a sitar in a rock setting. This outward manifestation of hyperspace is hitting me with goofy cliches.

Then to the 50's, 40's, 30's, 20's. All styles of decor are represented. One fading into the next, into the next, then a limit is reached. Although my house was built in the 1990's, my vision of it has regressed much further. But the 1920's is as far back as we can go for some reason and the room itself starts to disintegrate. Materials dry up and oxidize and shatter or crumble with age. Advanced decrepitude. They are pounded to dust by time's simultaneously backwards and forwards march. I am left in a non room with piles of dust at my feet. The bed I was sitting on is gone and I an sitting on thin air. Empty, dark, decayed. Gone. Piles of disassociated atoms surround me. I am nowhere... but still in my room.

Then there is another shiver of television waves and the dust starts to reassemble into material. Then the 90's Ikea furniture is back. The lamps and lightbulbs have reassembled themselves and light once again fills the room. I watch in astonishment as the style on the room moves through decades into the future. The technology changes too. The lamps with their quaint shades and bulbs are gone and there is a decentralized, ambient lighting of such perfection that I am blown away. I somehow know that I am witnessing a future technology, even though I can't see the device. Forward forward forward at a moderate pace. There is a pause at each decade that is long enough for me to take in my surroundings,

Then the acceleration begins and the decades fly by. Faster. Faster. Then decades are blurring by like femtoseconds and millennia and ages pass so quickly that I am dragged behind in what seems to be their gravitational wake... if the passage of time can have gravity.... I am pulled into the future until the stars darken and their very components do the same. I have reached entropic heat death.

Then just as suddenly as it started, I return to my post peak LSD state.

So... yeah. Changa. Post peak for me. Low dose, properly vaporized. That's what I say. Start with 10 or 20mg of 1:1. I think it might be easy to go to far or just into blackout with this combo. Go low so you can remember what happens and tell us. Be safe. Have a cool adventure.
DMT + LSD + MDMA = BEST NIGHT OF YOUR LIVE? Hands down i was in wales camping the weekend on this combo and i never tripped like that before in my life the break through nwas proper HD Geometric,,, i met the gnome meckennia talks about i saw a big like filling cabinet that had a door way to every dimension in the universe and some mad DNA Structures proper surreal and when i came back i was still nearly at ego death on the LSD,, AS CLOSE TO GOD AS CHEMICALLY POSSIBLE LOVE IT! BLISS
Changa on LSD is just so good... I can smoalk 5 cones in a row, just keep jumping straight back in there. I would never do that sober.

Love it. :love:
Thread carefully.
I had a bad experience. Make sure you close your eyes fast because the world is just way beyond wierd if the DMT hits you on LSD.
Northerner said:
Changa on LSD is just so good... I can smoalk 5 cones in a row, just keep jumping straight back in there. I would never do that sober.

Love it. :love:

You knows it! my man :)
Been there, done that, I've been to Bali too !

If it's a positive trip on the lucy, I'd be eager to hit the changa (pre-armed with a balloon of nitrous) but if the trip hasn't worked out as expected I'd probably pass on the changa.

Chang, nang, bang !

I'd never do it by myself these days though, but if I'm in the zone with the right group of people at the peak I'll go for the changa every time.
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