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Changa Questions

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I've been reading up quite a bit on Changa and I have a few questions,

1) What kind of blend/dose would be best for a beginner such as myself.
2) How exactly do you ingest the stuff?
3) How do you prepare it?

Any overall information is great, thanks.
You want some DMT, some caapi leaves and some kind of solvent. I use acetone.

Then weight out your stuff. I use a ratio of 1:1. You don't want to be smoking too much caapi as much of it is essentially dead weight making it harder to get the right kind of smoke in your lungs.

Crunch up all your leaves very small and lay them out on a flat surface that can hold liquid. I use a small petri dish. Then disolve your DMT in a the smallest amount of solvent possible and pour it over your leaves. If the leaves aren't completely covered add a little more solvent to the mix.

Evap the solvent thoroughly, I'd give it 4 days for 2g's of enhanced leaf, thats 1g DMT and 1G Caapi leaves.

After it's all dry smoke it like you would straight DMT but let the leaf burn slowly as you inhale rather than just vaping the spice.
So you have to extract the spice then mix it in? I thought you could just use a leaf containing the spice? Thanks
Oh alright, thanks - I'm assuming a 2g mixture as he said (1 g dmt/1g caapi) is quite the dose?
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