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Changa w/ Palo Santo Resin 1


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At one point I read on this forum of a great trick. If I can find the OP I will be happy to reference the person responsible for helping me out with this one. I will also go over the two herbs I have thouroughly explored in hopes to get some feedback on what other people like.

I read on a post on the old forum about doing a simple Palo Santo extraction from the root bark. Palo Santo is pretty common my wife had some incense she told me people burn to ward off bad demons. The OP stated they simply soaked RB in ISO for two weeks to create a "cherry" tasting resin. For some reason this was something I tried as I began dabbling in Changa mixes and applied this tek to everything I did. In the beginning I wasn't sure what tool to use to remove the RB as what I ordered came as whole root. Many tools did not work including a bench grinder at one point that burnt the material, not grinded, as well as files and other tools. So for the right conisistency I used a cheese grater, but this proved to be very labor intensive. 20 Min of grating = 10G of RB, extracted that leaves less than a G of resin. The Palo root is very hard. So if you get serious with this then just hear my precautions as the equipment I now use will mess you up if you are not careful.

I am not advocating Amazon, this is a reference don't shop there if you can help it.

So anyway here is what I did to combat labor as I don't mind using power tools.

-Set up a "Dexter" type crime seen. Joke. I hang thin plastic in a closet type area to catch all the bark.

-Vice clamp stand and vice clamp. I hold half the root in the clamp and go to town with a hand grinder and wood carving disc attached.

-For protection I used eyewear, a ventilation mask, and a leather apron and gloves. I used two hands on the handle so there was no chance of running the wheel into myself and was slow and methodical.

-20 min - 100G collected all around me and I missed another third outside the plastic

-If I messed up with this tool and hit myself, even with leather on, this thing would have torn me up I knew it was dangerous and I trusted myself to use a handgrinder to grind wood simply based on experience

-I do not recomend to people that have not used the tool before or anyone actually this is an account not suggestion

I do not remember the math but for the 300ML of ISO that I soaked it in for a few days got something that gave me 40MG for every 10ML.

An easy way to test weight for me was weighing some dry herb, and then applying the ISO to it and drying it out and weighing the difference. Once I knew what 10 ML held then I applied the tincture as an additional 10% weight on my Changa mix to add resin to the mix. I.E 10ML of ISO =40MG of resin and 40MG of resin would be added to a (60/40) DMT Changa mix of 400MG to add an additional 10% weight.

So with a few days of marination, simply strain out the root bark once or many times with coffee filters or if you have a buchner funnel, but this will stain it. (Dishwasher works good for fritted funnel)

Then I added my pure white DMT powder that had been recrystalized for strength to the ISO in a shotglass, in a bowl/hotwater bath and mixed. DMT dissolved instantly and this was poured over the herbs. No fan evap for a few days mixing with a small spoon in a low jar, stirring to even out every day.

In the end I have a very resenous herb mix that burns much better then the dry herbs as they come packaged. Many Changa trips are overwhelmed by the taste of smoking these dry herb mixes for myself, as the taste is strong and prominent in my trips. These herbs do not need to get very hot to receive the desired effect and this resin tastes good and slows down the burning process. DMT is low vape temp alkaloid so the lower I can keep my changa hit temp the better during combustion.

I did it many times this way and got very used to it and the first time I did not use the resin the taste of the herbs was overwhelming. I knew I had to revert to the old practice.
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