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Cheap Naptha Substitute and some Noob Questions

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SWIM has recently got his hands on a large amount of MHRB and has unfortunately realised that the amount of naptha required to extract all the DMT is going to be VERY expensive(SWIM is in the UK and hasn't found a cheap source of naptha going with lighter refills and camping fuel both of which are very expensive).
SWIM has found numerous references to white spirit and turpentine substitutes being in fact heavy naptha, which is suitable. Needless to say white spirit and the like are far more reasonably priced than naptha:
Bartoline Premium Low Odour White Spirit 2L

Has anyone tried similar things for extraction and if so did it work and what were your experiences? How does it compare to naptha?

During extraction with what naptha he had, SWIM found that after the first extraction (during the 2nd) the emulsion separated out into 3 layers, which SWIM thinks to be root bark, then plant fat saturated gelatinous layer with freebase and naptha, and the top clear layer of naptha. SWIM wants to solve this problem in future extractions by defatting the fresh MHRB with a wash of NP solvent (like naptha or white spirit) but wants to confirm that he wouldn't lose any DMT by doing so?

Finally, while having respectable results on his first try, SWIM has remained unconvinced by freeze precipitation: surely decreasing the temperature of a concentrated solution would merely decrease the solubility of the DMT leading to an imperfect yield of DMT as some would remain in the solution which is to be discarded? Does anyone have figures or a chart for the solubility of DMT vs temperature (in any solvent really) to give a scale to the magnitude of the losses?

Also SWIM has observed on his first freeze precipitation white gelatinous 'strings' precipitating out with the DMT crystal bumps, which SWIM has presumed to be plant fats? Has anyone had a similar experience and know if it is bad and/or how to prevent it if so?

Thanks in advance, and sorry if this has all been asked before.
Hi, RocketScientist. I am not extremely experienced in extractions, although have been reading and studying them for months and months, and have only done my first STB extraction over the weekend. I too live in the UK and was thinking that maybe large quantities of naphtha didn't exist. You were spot on when mentioning Bartoline low odor white spirit, as it has given me a great first yeild.

However, I am using powdered root bark bought from www.mimosahostilis.co.uk Are you using whole pieces of bark rather than powdered? When dealing with STB powdered is the way to go, although whole bark is still very much usable. It all depends on the quality. I don't understand why you would be getting stringy fat bits in your freeze precipitation... sounds weird to me.

As you suggested, defatting the bark before putting it in the base solution is probably your best bet (I started a thread a few days ago asking that very question and it seems like it would work fine). This could get rid of the impurities showing up when crystallizing. Also, try re-crystallizing if you are getting impure yeilds. I had quite yellow crystals after the first few pulls and recrystallizing with hot naphtha (bartoline) really does work. All the plant fats and oils stick to the bottom of the glass making it easy to get rid of.

I bought Perma fluid the other day to see how it differed to Bartoline and it is rubbish in comparison. Bartoline is bar far the way to go. Don't give up on freeze precipitation. Everyone who does it seems to have good results. I did and it was my first one ever! Good luck and let me know how you get on.
SWIM is using bark from that very site. Prepowdered to an extreme state where the particles are barely visible to the naked eye, 0.1mm I've heard.
SWIY should be fine then. I have gotten great results... SWIY should go to B and Q and grab the Bartoline! look up the ingredients on www.bartoline.co.uk if you feel the need. Also do an evap test if you are still not sure about using it. I have had no probs though. I suggest putting the first few pulls in the fridge before the freezer as the crystals form bigger n' better IMO. Good luck!
Scratch what i said on above post... rosonol is worth the £1.50 for 133ml, as it take no time to dry and lots more crystals seem to form as well. You can recycle the naphtha anyways, so the price doesn't matter too much.
If you are very careful to get all the solvent out and re-use the same solvent for each pull it's more than feasible to be able to extract large amounts of bark with only 100ml of solvent.

Just takes patience waiting for the solvent to be ready again.
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