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[CHI] Everything / Nothing


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In this capillary of the Continual Hyperspace Integration I would like to focus on exploring the notion of everything and nothing.

This is relevant because sometimes hyperspace appears infinite both in timeless vastness and possibility, you meld with it, it inspects you, etc. You can see the membrane and watch as it envelopes you. It plumes and drips and expands...

Other times there is nothing but the abyss. A chilling void in which you have become.

This is pretty widely accepted by explorers I think, and I would like to hear why you think this is from direct experience only.

I wonder if hyperspace has a shape... like dark matter does for example, and that is why sometimes we bask in the light and sometimes we don't.
If you want illustrations with direct experience then I would say I don't want to wall up or clutter your thread.

Speaking on a summary insight GAINED from direct experiences in hyperspace and whatever my earthly brain/mind can do to parse them, I have come to a conclusion that I am hopelessly trapped in duality.

To me hyperspace has a shape of perfection. As I mentioned fairly recently, it is something that is smaller than a Higgs Boson, larger than the known Universe and fits in the space of my poor rounded yet lumpen skull. It is pure life and pure death. It is ultimate Heaven and horrific unimaginable Hell. It is a drop of water and the limitless universes within. It is the alienness of the self and the self attempted to be found within the unutterably alien. Exposure to it changes everything, . . . . and yet nothing has changed. Growth is found in new understandings of my smallness and the path to that personal growth, though radically laid out in hyperspace, can truly only be achieved when in the baseline integration space. etc.
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