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[CHI] Passive / Active


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I believe you can break down the DMT experience into two basic modes:
One which is passive, and one which is active.

A passive experience is one where you take the DMT and then just let it happen.

An active experience is one where you take the DMT and interact with what is happening physically and consciously.

Use this thread to explore the many different facets of this theme from your own personal experiences.
From the way I experience DMT anyway, I think it's interesting to note how it is practically impossible to be 100% passive in hyperspace. That is to say I know what you're saying in the sense that we can sit there and let the experience happen to us, or we can attempt to take control of the reigns and see how that plays out; however, I've found that one's attention in hyperspace has immediate effects on what's going on in there whether one is conscious of it or not. So even if you go into the experience with the mindset of being passive, the mere act of paying attention actually influences what goes on by nourishing that locus in hyperspace with more energy. Like in consensual reality, it seems that the energy in hyperspace follows a similar definition to energy as defined in physics and that is "the ability to do 'work'". When hyperspace or the entities or whatever are allotted more energy, they have the ability to do more things. This translates either to zooming in, or making certain visual areas more sophisticated, and in some circumstances can even affect the order of color involved.

I think it's sort of similar to the electron slit experiment where the mere act of being an observer is enough to make one an active participant in the state of reality much in the same way that one's observation makes one an active participant in hyperspace. Perhaps the exception to this would be in a void, but it's something to think about.
You know, Looking back at my limited experience with DMT it looks as if there's a fine line between active and passive engagement. Especially when entities are involved it is much more useful to be very passive about it and only be active when demanded to squeeze as much as possible out of the experience.

Especially fear-based reactions have been a hindrance for my progression into hyperspace. For example one of the first times I had a chance to explore hyperspace I have spent 2/3th of the trip expressing my distrust for an entity who clearly had good intentions. Upon a second plunge in which I passively decided to plunge in the entity was waiting for me on entrance and took me into her 360º insides and carried me somewhere to a crossroad where on the right side of my vision everything dark and hellish. I actively escaped from the scene by wishing for some white light to come save me which indeed shattered the scene. 2 minutes later however I was again being carried into the darkness but the DMT effect was already fading. To this day I still don't know what it is she had to show me.

Sometime later a similar thing happened in which I was presented with Succubus-like-demon construct on the right side of my vision. I find it remarkable that this construct is waiting for me upon entrance. Upon examination it is clear to me that I was supposed to engage with this construct and that this morphing object represented a blockade in my psyche. The interesting thing here is that it was thrown at me as if my subconscious is saying: Here, There's your inner demon. Look at it. Face it.

But nothing transformative or interesting happened without my active engagement. I am positive that my active engagement was required to somehow morph this object or i would have simply stared at it for 15 minutes. But instead of morphing the object (which I didn't know how to), because of the appalling nature of this construct I feared it and decided to flee the scene once again by turning my vision 180º to the left and summoning this light to carry me upwards. Which to my suprise actually happened and felt very empowering. But once again, not useful in terms of morphing my inner demons. Something which still hasn't happened in 10-15 or so trips. I'm getting there though :p
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