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Child's Memories and Nightmares prove Reincarnation

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Just found this link on another site, and it is quite amazing. It is either an elaborate hoax amongst numerous people who shouldn't/couldn't know eachother, or proof of reincarnation.

Very interesting indeed...

Wellll....I can say one thing I DO know for sure: There exist nearly COUNTLESS parents willing to orchestrate things like this. It's really sick. Some parents are just fame junkies; some want everyone to think of how "special" their kids are. btw, these "reincarnation" stories are quite prevalent in India--where there's a big audience for them. The kid will say they were the spouse of a certain person in a nearby town, describe the color of the house, blah, blah, blah....

When I was a young man my aunt's son was a year and a half old, and she told all her relatives how her son already knew the alphabet! She would put a paper in front of him and say a letter, and he would supposedly touch the letter--and he DID understand the game well enough to smack the paper when she said a letter--but all the letters were hand written, so they were very close together. When she tried to show me his talent he didn't seem to be doing very well....and then, he got better...and I noticed that she had him firmly by the elbow and was moving his arm where she wanted (and all her loving extended family never thought to look for subterfuge). I STILL believe it's quite possible that SHE HERSELF DIDN'T CONSCIOUSLY KNOW SHE WAS DOING IT!

People have an amazing ability to delude themselves...and I say this as, more or less, a "Buddhist." I'm not COMPLETELY contrary to the idea of reincarnation. I'm pretty doubtful when I hear claims of it, though.

I remember my young man's fascination with all things Tibet--with a tulku around every corner. But doesn't it seem more reasonable that it's just a good way to raise well-trained lamas? Pick an obviously intelligent kid, and train him for the job full-time from the time he's 4-5 years old. Doesn't it seem strange that NO OTHER culture that has embraced Buddhism (including India for the first 500 years after the Buddha's death) has taken note of extremely accomplished masters declaring they will come back, and giving the place, etc., and then rounding up the kid and "verifying" that he's old lama schwama?
One of my favorite examples of the power of delusion is the phenomenon from the 1990's of facilitated communication in autistic children (need to scroll down for the story).

Special "facilitators" held the elbow of an autistic child and "helped" the child type out what they were trying to say (thought they had never used language before). Interestingly, it devolved into the autistic children giving reports of sexual molestation (often by DEVIL WORSHIPERS!! It's always satanists!). Subsequent tests (just like the ones used to undo Clever Hans), confirmed the fact that the typing was coming straight from the facilitators and not the autistic children, but this was discovered only after many millions of dollars were spent on doing this, with hundreds of facilitators, and deep involvement of academic psychologists in developing the "technique!"

....and here's the creepy part: MANY (probably not all) of those facilitators were later convincingly shown to be TOTALLY SINCERE PEOPLE who POSITIVELY had no idea of what they were doing!

People are very very strange.....
Agreed that people are strange, and that this type of thing is common in India...but there are too many strange things with the particular kid.

The drawings from an early age.
Knowing the name of the navy ship he served on.
Knowing the names of friends from the ship when he first met them.
The painting of him and his sister.
Knowing the names of both of his sisters.

I suppose the parents could have researched all that information and fed it to him, and he would have to be a willing accomplice in the subterfuge as well. Just seems like a bit much and easily picked apart, just to sell a few books.
Dude you don't have to go much further then the lousy acting in that interview and the Life Time after school movie scripted sound in the kids voice. You know some kids start acting at the age of 1 or 2 and easily master manipulating people for getting the things they want. What would a parent do to their children for money? Go ask Jon and Kate plus 8. How about the contrived scene when he threw the flowers in the water, they said that the Japanese TV station or whatever invited him over there. Did they show any evidence that he was even in Japan or conferring with any professionals?

You obviously have one of those heart of gold wouldent hurt a fly spirits in you because you dont recognize how evil and money driven most people are wether they are 1 years old or 100
Jumiem said:
You obviously have one of those heart of gold wouldent hurt a fly spirits in you because you dont recognize how evil and money driven most people are wether they are 1 years old or 100

Heh, you nailed me :d

I understand and recognize how many people are that way, I just choose to ignore or not believe it when it doesn't affect me personally. I guess I give everyone the benefit of the doubt that they are not tryihg to intentionally decieve. Will I buy their book? Nope. Does it help confirm my own beliefs in reincarnation? Yes it does, to a degree.
I recommend you guys watch the documentary: "Extraordinary People" The Boy Who Lived Before

Here's the link to it:

(It's not about the case above but another one, with reference to others in it, interesting stuff). I really don't think the main family in this documentary are orchestrating anything, look at how it disrupts their life, they haven't courted celebrity.
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