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"Chore Boy" does not work the same as "Brillo" for "machine"!!

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For about a year now I've been using a regular water-pipe with a "Brillo" stuffed tightly in the bowl to vaporize DMT, like "The Machine", But using a water-pipe instead of a broken bottle.
It has always worked great, smoothest & easiest way to smoke DMT I've used!!

I have read, and posted in threads discussing this method a number of times and many people have mentioned using either "Brillo" or "Chore Boy" steel scouring pads to melt the spice into, for vaporizing.

I have always used the small pieces of "Brillo" that one can purchase at most head shops around here, but always assumed "Chore Boy" was the same thing.


I was at the supermarket the other day and saw a box of "Chore Boy" steel scouring pads there, so I bought it. Thinking that I would never need to buy it at a head shop again, which always makes me feel like a crackhead.
Well I've tried using it, twice now and both times it definitely did not work the same!!

First, It just felt thinner, lighter, or less dense, or something.
Second, It seems to fucking burn at a much lower temp than "Brillo" does.
Just when I would get the "Chore Boy" (steel mesh) hot enough to start getting good DMT vapor, the shit would start to burn and fuck it all up!!!
Gross Steel SMOKE, instead of smooth DMT vapor!!
Ouch & Yuck!!!

I only tried it the second time because I thought that maybe I fucked it up & burned it, by getting the flame too close, or something.
But No, "Chore Boy" burns, instead of getting hot enough to vaporize DMT!!
So Watch Out!!

I did not get enough spice vaporized either time to get much more than a threshold effects.
It would start burning before the DMT would vaporize, which in turn, burned the DMT as well!! SHIT!!

Just thought I'd better let others know, it did not make my lungs feel very good at all!!
When I use "Brillo", it gets almost red hot, but does not burn.
So it vaporizes the DMT very clean, smooth & efficiently!!

you using water in that bong too? thinking of switching from a stem to something a little less hit and miss

Its not a bong, its a water-pipe, its a "bubbler", and yes, there is water in it.
There is absolutely no difference in potency if you use water filtration, except the vapor is much less harsh.
I've tried it both ways.

And there is nothing "hit or miss" about it.
I experimented with pretty much every DMT smoking technique out there when I first started extracting over a year ago, and the idea behind "the Machine" definitely worked best for me. Except I wanted water filter too, so I booughtt a new, clear bubbler, and stuff the "brillo" in the bowl, then I use it like one would "the Machine".

That's all beside the point though, I'm just letting anyone who uses a "Machine" or something like it, that "Chore Boy" steel pads DO NOT work the way "Brillo" does!!
They burn instead of heating up.

If you prefer another method more power to you.
I've used a "stem" and it is a pain in ass IMO because of the way DMT oil "runs" from the heat. Way too hard to get a good third or fourth toke by yourself. The steel mesh (or Brillo) uses he fact that the oil runs along the mesh as it heats up & as it does this, it is also very efficiently vaporized.
It also produces a less offensive tasting smoke too.


I definatly hear your point about the choreboy.

Have you tried jungle spice with the water bubbler? I seem to remember reading somewhere that DMNT-NOxide is water soluble.

Perhaps it would be interesting to reuse some of that water and set it out to evap sometime, or to attempt to pull with NP solvent and see if any goods come back.

SWIM will have future dreams and report back, but this may not be for some time.
Jungle-spice works just fine in a bubbler. SWIM doesn't know much about DMT N-Oxide, but jungle is not primarily n-oxide. SWIM always thought that n-oxide tended to sink to the bottom of aqueous solutions as a heavy oil, which is why it's so easy to retrieve with DCM. SWIM has known jungle to float atop an aqueous solution and crystallize within a naphtha layer. SWIM would also think that the pressure involved in the use of a bubbler would prevent most vapors from precipitating in water unless it were made to cool very rapidly with ice or whatnot.

SWIM prefers to use copper scrubpads, but always makes damn sure that it doesn't produce smoke when the torch is put to it. SWIM loves using the bubbler but suspects that there are some that may not understand that point of using the water isn't as a filter but as a heat-sink.
SWIM prefers to use copper scrubpads, but always makes damn sure that it doesn't produce smoke when the torch is put to it.
Yea, I always "cook" off the brass-like coating that covers these pads before putting them in a bowl!!
And I did it, this time, with the "Chore-Boy" too and that part all went normally.
The shiny, brass-like stuff smoked away and the metal turned a dull silver-grey color.
It did not burn up while doing this though.

Also, this was not a new batch, The DMT used was from an extraction I did about 3-4 weeks ago and myself & others have had breakthrough experiences with this same batch of crystals. They were stored in an airtight container in the back of the freezer, so there are not any issues with the spice itself.
Not that any of these issues (other than maybe Naptha leftover in the Spice) would make the smoking medium burn up, but there was definitely nothing wrong with the DMT used, it had been successfully vaporized with the same exact bubbler using "Brillo" 2 nights earlier.

I'm guessing, (& only guessing) that maybe the "Chore-Boy's" metal is a bit more porous than other brands and the DMT oil burned onto (or into) the metal, which caused both of them to then burn up, or something like that. I've since bought some actual "Brillo" and it is definitely thicker in both width & depth than the "Chore-Boy" is.
When I've used "Brillo" pads, (like I have for the last year), the DMT oil runs smoothly along the metal "wires" and is cleanly vaporized. There is almost nothing left behind after the dose is vaporized completely.

Like I said in an earlier post, I did try it a second time, using the "Chore-Boy", thinking that I had just accidentally roasted the metal with the lighter that first time.
So the second time, I paid very close attention to the way I used the flame and I definitely did not get close enough to burn it up that way.
The shitty ass "Chore-Boy" just burns up once it gets hot enough to get good spice vapor!!!
So don't use it, unless you enjoy smoking burning metal with your DMT.

BTW, here is a link to another thread where this was discussed a while back.
There is a detailed explanation of how I use my bubbler with "brillo" (& only Brillo from now on!!) in the bowl, if your interested.
Its the 4th post down from the top.
Bubbler+Brillo expl


Chore boy works fine. You just have to PACK it in there VERY tightly. Like hydraulic press-tight. Not really, but super tightly, works wonderfully in my friend's bong, so he says...
freedominphilly said:
Chore boy works fine. You just have to PACK it in there VERY tightly. Like hydraulic press-tight. Not really, but super tightly, works wonderfully in my friend's bong, so he says...

yeah, you just have to burn off the coating on it before you use it.
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