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Cinco de Mayo S.H.E. Anyone ?

Yes. I feel the call of Aya again, and this seems like a convenient day.

*edit* Nevermind, way too many things to do.. maybe one day
There will also be a conjunction of Venus and El Nath(star of the galactic anticenter) along with the super moon.
ah yes i am in.

You nexians notice all this celestial stuff happening this year, i also think there is a solar eclipse too.

You nexians also notice, many of us not saying the nexians in particular are looking for some answer, waiting for something to happen,

Welll it is happening and has been. :)
There is really no set time or substance as we are all over the world and partaking of what we have...:thumb_up: ...Happy Traveling
I was deep in the trenches of a harrowing dance with Dr. Iboga during this event. Thank you all for pulling light and positivity on to our planet during this time, what a magical experience it was.
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