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Clarification on an eco-friendly extraction tek

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I noticed the eco friendly tek involving washing soda, vinegar, and ethanol and immediately wanted to try it, especially after seeing the resulting product that was extracted following this method.

My first question for you was if pickling lime could be substitued for washing soda? I thought that it might work better than washing soda, especially since I tried once with washing soda already and everything turned dark greenish/black. I had to throw away half a kg of powdered rootbark! Was something wrong with my washing soda? It was basic arm and hammer washing soda. Why did it react like this?

My second question was, do you know how much pickling lime I should use? I read elsewhere that the ratio of calcium hydroxide to ACRB or MHRB powder should be 1:4; is this correct?

My third question is, can I omit the vinegar step, and still be able to pull some dmt from the alcohol after it has been filtered?

My fourth question is, can I substutue ethanol with 91% isopropyl alcohol? That is all that I have to work with.

And my fifth and final question is, will extracting from ACRB powder produce the same results as extracting from MHRB powder?

I just wanted to get to the bottom of this so that I can have a successful first extraction.

Take care and have a good night.
For others that may stumble across this thread looking for similar info:

I have no idea wut caused yor funky reaction, I've never had that issue with a&h washing soda, in any case it's probably a better idea to cook up baking soda if food safe ingredients is at issue. Lime also works fine.

1:4 ratio is fine.

yes you can omit the vinegar step, but the resultant product will be MUCH MUCH cleaner if you include it (or another acid, I like citric or ascorbic because they tend to be higher purity than vinegar).

yes ISO can be used in place of EtOH.

Basically you are looking for this tek only substituting lime.
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