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Clean DMT Fumarate powder?

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Hi, I just tried the BLAB tek on Acacia Confusa and got the DMT fumarate like above image.
Initially the product is yellow wax and it's light yellow powder with light smell after I dried it.

I would like to consume it with MAOI at this stage, as I replaced d-limonene with Xylene in the BLAB tek, should I wash it with Acetone or following the instructions to clean it? Is it correct to make the powder color lighter for better(safer?) oral use?

Thanks for any help.
I did that with just anhydrous acetone, getting off-white powder resembling crumbles, still somewhat sour (fumaric acid present).

Instead of doing more washes, I would also re-a/b the product next time. This is best if you aim for purity.

Maybe your product is already good enough - depends on fumaric acid contamination (maybe a pH test will reveal?)

Also depends on solvent purity - have you done evap. test on your xylene?
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