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Clean room of naphtha "contamination"

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Hello Nexus,

a friend of mine recently did her first DMT extraction with petroleum naphtha. She did this in her room and let the open jars stay in that room over night and longer.

Thats the room she sleeps in and it seems like that the naphtha contaminated the room because she now has breathing "problems" in that room and has to have the windows open at all times basically.

She realizes that she was probably too naive with her DMT-Extraction experiment. The problem now is the "contaminated" room though. Are there procedures to speed up the cleaning of the room of the toxic naphtha fumes or does nothing else help but letting the windows open 24/7 for some time?

I guess the fumes got in the sheets and clothes and everything fabric thats in the room and now will take some time till all is out? She doesn't understand the chemical situation here completely since she thought it would be evaporated, but if anybody has an idea about this she'd be very happy to hear some advice.

i dont usually even start on this topic as i know people are cavalier with solvents,
and whoever listens to annie anyway, but really............

peeps , please take solvent fumes seriously.
well, she does... at least from now on, that's why she is basically doing a whole clean up of her room at this moment and has an appoint at a doctor's office on friday.... but any advice on how to eliminate that stuff is still highly appreciated!

Thank you!
anne halonium said:
peeps , please take solvent fumes seriously.
If your friend can't take the time to read BASIC safety precautions as well as the safety profiles of the chemicals you're working with THEN YOU SHOULD NOT BE WORKING WITH THOSE CHEMICALS. #5 in the Health & Safety section of extraction states (would have taken your friend less than 5 minutes to read):

#5 in Health & Safety said:
When working with solvents, make sure there is enough ventilation. Avoid breathing solvent vapours, use safety masks.
Evaporating naphtha in your bedroom while you sleep could easily win your friend the 2016 Darwin Award.
a serious blower and a tangible amount of activated charcoal,
like cannabis growers use to hide odors, may help some.

id consider getting rid of as much cloth material as possible
you might have to paint, and ditch any carpet.

a good wipe down of everything with murphys oil soap might be a good idea also.

for those future readers........
a fan in the window aimed at a large glass pan briming with solvent ,
is not the best idea either.............

material safety data sheets,
indicate most solvents used, are gonna be problematic in closed or limited vent areas.
even low levels of some common solvents can give minor temp damage to mucous membranes.
naturaly larger volumes are more hazardous, as with time exposure considerations.

realize also, human exposure to many solvents,
overwhelms the ability to smell them quickly.

hence " i dont smell anything"
but your guests do the minit you open the door!

the health issue is real enough, but the security issues is paramount also.
most people ( cops) arent exposed to solvents much.
they smell a open bottle cap evaporating at 10 meters............

if ya wanna make it to my age ,
you would be best advised to handle solvents with great care.
i suspect damage can be cumulative over time.

ive seen on " other forums" where the plastic bucket sloshing barn and trailer demographic,
act like fumes are no big deal.
they are a big deal...................
respect solvents.

and ,if wally-store fans were the answer,
all major chem factories would have 2 and call it a victory for safety!

you guys should also realize, that first responders and medical persona's,
are now trained to spot injury due to lab exposure.
if they think you were exposed in a home lab setting, there can be trouble.
a series of simple lab blood tests,
could show both drugs and solvents.............be warned ,
they arent entirely stupid.
You know, i read about people extracting so often & yet I do not think many even have a clue as to what adequate ventilation entails.

An open window & small fan is NOT adequate ventilation. Adequate ventillation would be something along the lines of a system like a laboratory has setup, where the air in the room is replaced every 30-45 seconds & can be purged if needed.
If this is not an option, a garage with a large sliding door or a back yard with a privacy fence are much safer than inside a house you are living in.
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