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Clean Up the Outliers from the Survey Results

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Hi Traveler, Moderators and Powers that Be,

I just participated in the Subjective Indexation Survey. I was excited to participate and really interested to see the results.

Of course, because this is the DMT-Nexus and owned by The Traveler, the results were presented as an option to see at the end.

I was very saddened to see things like maximum age 191 years and max weight something like 555 kgs. Clearly a few kids or bad apples or people who do not really understand what is funny decided to skew the results.

By doing this the means and medians are thrown off a bit, in particular with less than 400 entries.

Is there any way to get rid of outliers for the participant statistics that are clearly not possible or extremely improbable?

Or does that itself skew things? Or perhaps this is an old, forgotten project?

I felt it could not hurt to ask and if you have gotten this far I thank you and would hope to read your opinion/reply.
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