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Clean your enhanced salvia!...

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I want to share something I discovered a couple years ago ...
by accident ...as I was trying to remove the actives from some 40x salvia so i could store it in a tincture bottle...

I wanted to store the actives in ...grain alcohol ... so I did not mess with...[ acetone] as alcohol seemed safer to me as a tincture carrier..

I put the ..dirty blackened 40x... in a shot glass.. and covered it with ..grain alcohol .. and let it sit over night hoping to leach out the salvorian A from the already processed store bought 40x..

I used grain alcohol...but some other alcohols might work?? [I would not use rubbing alcohol...:thumb_dow

I wanted to store the actives in a dropper bottle so i could apply it in different ways..

After letting it soak over night till about noon ... I looked at it in the shot glass...and noticed that the ...dirty black stuff.. [the fats and inpuritys] appeared to be floating free in the grain alcohol,,,i also hoped the alcohol soak removed the salvorian A from the leaf material...

I then tipped the shot glass and poured the alcohol into another glass noticing that the dirty black stuff.. [fats and impuritys] was comming out with the alcohol!

I also noticed that the 40x salvia leafe material appeared nice and clean [a nice olive green!] found when the leafe is totally dry it looks very clean olive green color..and will sparkle in the sun light...

I then allowed the the ..leaf material... to compleatly dry .. removing all of the grain alcohol... and leaving it a very clean looking olive green color!

The leafe material was super dry and sparkeled in the light because the crystals were still embeded in the cells of the leafe!..and as a test i took a tiny pinch of the cleaned 40x..and flamed it and took a hit expecting ...nothing to happen ..

Was i ever surprised!... to find!! after taking a small hit .[I felt I WAS IN A MEDITAtIVE STATE].....the leaf material was still very active with salvorian A!!

The alcohol seemed to remove only the dirty stuff leaving most if not all the salvorian A still embedded in the cell walls of the leaf material!!

The alcohol cleaning ... acted as a simple way to defat the 40x removing the dirty black stuff leaving the leafe material a nice clean olive green color..

I also noticed it tasted much cleaner! and using a low dose the effect was much more positive experiance as i sat there [feeling like in a meditative state]... i observed a vision of ..the wheel of life.. slowly spinning in an endless space!

The spokes in the wheel... were made up of humans...all the hands were linked..the heads were close the the center axel of the wheel...all the feet were contacted inside the wheels rim...and slowly spinning in an eternity of time..

The vision was awesome..on such a tiny puff of cleaned 40x...!

So if anyone wants a cleaner enhanced salvia experianc ...clean your enhanced leaf first..

A cleaner salvia...can produce a nicer..cleaner experiance!

all you need is a... shot glass... some grain alcohol...and some patience...to do a simple defat cleaning this way.! :thumb_up:

I only cleaned less than half of a gram of 40x ... so cleaning a whole gram might take little more alcohol and time...but its worth it...

please give this a try and ...report your results...I think you will be much happier with your enhanced salvia....cheers..
I used to clean enhanced Marijuana in a similar fashion. I would make a 3x (or so) product and then shake it it up in warm water and run through a coffee filter. Possibly, I would run some warm water through it then as well.

The resin was soaked into the final product as opposed to being in resin glands by then. So no Trichromes washed away. I tried drinking the water I washed it with once or twice and got a mild buzz, if that. So, no real potency loss.

The final product certainly tasted better, and was likely a little more potent.
Loveall said:
There is likely Salvinorin A in the grain alcohol also. Did you test that?

IPA re-X (with two parts naphtha added before the cold step) does a decent job at isolating the pure xtals.

Loveall said:
There is likely Salvinorin A in the grain alcohol also........Thats what i thought to! ...I hoped to simply wash out the actives from the leaf material.and store it in a dropper bottle....but all i washed out was the dirty impuritys from the leaf.

of corse...there may have been some salvorian A loss ? ....but .. [very very little].. is my guess... because of how clean and effective smoking a very small amount of the cleaned dry green leaf material was..

I dont think alcohol removes Salvorian A that quickly from cell walls..like Acetone will do...

I even tryed putting a little of the poured off ..dirty grain alcohol.. on something smokable...let it dry.. and after trying to smoke it...I noticed no salvia effects at all!

for some reason.. the the salvorian A stayed embedded in the leaf material .. even after an all night soak in alcohol...

all that poured off with the alcohol..was the dirty black impuritys ..

I didnt shake the mix or agitate the material.... it just soaked over night...

leaving nice clean dry ..olive green... leaf material very clean dry ..no sticky gummy fats or impuritys did I see..

The grain alcohol just soaking overnight in the 40x left the leaf material very clean/light/dry/and [after it dryed]...I could see little sparkels over the leaf material that looked like crystals!

I took a hit expecting the salvorian A to be non active...but the actives were still locked in the leaf material...The buzz was superior to the usually dirty black sticky stuff..!

I think... enhanced salvia...is made as fast ..as posible...and they often dont want to defatt the stuff..because its more work..and they are lazy...I think the chemists way to defatt enhanced leaf is way more work!... than my simple alcohol soak...

But this simple alcohol soak takes care of that problem...

one can try this with a very small amount of 20//40/60/x ..do the soak overnight or several hours... [no agitation]..pour off the dirty alcohol....let the cleaned leaf material dry ..then test smoke it...it should work ...it worked well for me ...
after cleaning i noticed a positive difference in the effects getting rid of the dirty impuritys..:thumb_up:
Loveall said:
Thanks for the info. What is your % alcohol?

I believe solubility of salvinoring A in ethanol is only about 400mg/L.

not quite shure what you mean by percentage of alcohol ?

But I treated a little less than a half of a gram of 40x salvia using shot glass and 190 proof grain alcohol..

I would go atleast 1/4 inch over the level of the enhanced salvia and one time stir it gently.. and let it soak over night untill noon or later...

The 190 proof grain alcohol lifts the sticky dark stuff off the enhanced leaf particles pretty cleanly if it sits a while...

Dont over crowd the shot glass with the whole gram package of 40x or 20x..i would soak about 1/3rd of a one gram package at a time... to clean with everclear 190...

You should end up with a very clean non sticky amount of olive green leafe particles ... still with a good charge of salvorian A embedded in the cell walls...

only soak the salvia !.... no large amount of agitation or rough shaking!...[maybe just a little gental stirring once and a while...

All this is doing is defatting and cleaning the salvia...for a cleaner smoother tasting smoke.. and this cleaning shows a level of respect for the plant and your own health.
which can result in a smoother more enjoyable experiance ..removing the un needed impuritys ..can result in a nicer experiance,,,just my opinion...

I personally find low dose enhanced salvia more enjoyable than the largeer overwelming doses...

low dose... cleaned enhanced salvia would be my choice....
190 proof = 95% ethanol (edited)

Guessing that 85% ethanol dissolves 2mg/ml (since 100% is 3mg/ml, but this guess could be wrong), shot glass is 40ml, and half a gram of 40x Salvia has 50mg of salvinorin, I would have expected a lot of it to move into the alcohol a priori.

But experiment is king, congrats on your result.
Loveall said:
190 proof = 85% ethanol

Guessing that 85% ethanol dissolves 2mg/ml (since 100% is 3mg/ml, but this guess could be wrong), shot glass is 40ml, and half a gram of 40x Salvia has 50mg of salvinorin, I would have expected a lot of it to move into the alcohol a priori.

[even if some did move into the alcohol ..as long as you have the dirty alcohol stored in a container you may be able to seperate the molecules later for later use,,,

But experiment is king, congrats on your result.

As long as most of the salvorian A ..[stays embeded in the leaf cell wall]..after alcohol soak .. and you have removed most of the impuritys... you will have a cleaner product...

Its hard to remember that far back... the exact amount but I think i used about 1/3rd of a gram of 20x not 40x...

please give this a try if you can ..you should like the cleaned salvia..!

food for thought...

if the salvia sellers would clean the enhanced salvia ...it would weigh.. much much..less! ......getting rid of the black sticky impuritys...they would have to give you more salvia to make a

gram package...it would be much cleaner and better quality for the buyer...

all this adds up to more work for them ... to give you a higher quality more pure product ..

Thats why it may be smarter to buy plain leaf and ..extract.. and.. clean.. your own product...

[[[Many think... that the more sticky it is.. the more potent it is?... ]]]

This may be true to a point ... but...plant fats simply add to the package weight..

The active ingrediant is salvorian A ... and is near microscopic in size...

The more sticky it is... the more dirty and unhealthy it is...clean your enhanced leaf salvia to gain more purity .. and experiance better results....

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Loveall said:
190 proof = 85% ethanol

Guessing that 85% ethanol dissolves 2mg/ml (since 100% is 3mg/ml, but this guess could be wrong), shot glass is 40ml, and half a gram of 40x Salvia has 50mg of salvinorin, I would have expected a lot of it to move into the alcohol a priori.
190 proof is 95% abv (190/2 = 95), so more or less azeotropic.

Loveall, is your solubility value for fully anhydrous ethanol? Even a little water could change that figure significantly. I suspect something like ice-cold 70% ethanol (aq) would pull impurities and leave most of the salvinorin A behind.

There's also likely to be an aqueous ethanol concentration where the thermal solubility gradient lends itself to a nice recrystallization from the hot solvent on cooling.

Plenty of room for further experimentation - thanks, Starway, for sharing your findings here :thumb_up:
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